A Night at Fonab Castle | Review

Thursday, 22 August 2013
Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Bedroom at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Sofa in bedroom at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Dressing table in bedroom at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Tea & coffee facilities at Fonab Castle, Pitlochry
Room with balcony at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Room with balcony at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Lodges at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Loch view at Fonab Castle Pitlochry
View Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Room service Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Restaurant Fonab Castle Pitlochry
Waffles and bacon breakfast Fonab Castle Pitlochry

Review of Fonab Castle, Pitlochry

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary B and I spent a night at Fonab Castle in Pitlochry, a new 5 star hotel which has just recently opened and is located right next to a river in gorgeous Perthshire surroundings.  I chose the hotel as it basically ticked all my boxes - modern interior design, great views, huge beds, and good food. 

We were staying in a Woodland room which is part of the new annex attached to the castle.  As we were on the first floor we had a balcony overlooking the river (the view was stunning), with the ground floor rooms below us having patio areas instead.  

As we were only there for 1 night we wanted to make the most of it so ordered room service for dinner and enjoyed it out on our balcony in absolute peace and quiet.  The food was delicious (as was the Mojito I ordered....can't go away for a fancy hotel visit without a cocktail or two getting involved).  For breakfast we went down to the Brasserie where we sat in the conservatory area, again with a great view of the river outside.  I had french toast with bacon and maple syrup and oh my it was a treat!

I had envisaged us going for a romantic walk along the river when I booked the trip so after we'd checked in and dropped our stuff off at our room (and I'd done my usual "looking in every cupboard and every drawer to see what's inside") we went for a little wander outside.  We were up a little bit of a hill but discovered some steps leading down to a path where you could walk along the edge of the river so we followed that for a while and took some pics beside the water.  We also discovered that the hotel was just above the Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder (don't even ask what that means because I have no idea) which was surprisingly busy with visitors so we went for a look, again the views here were stunning - it is such a beautiful part of Scotland.

The one night really went far too fast so we were back in the car ready for the journey back to Edinburgh (90s dance CD on repeat) before we knew it.  It was probably one of the nicest places we've stayed together though and we're definitely planning a repeat visit in the future.  If you're looking for a hotel for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday etc then I'd recommend giving Fonab Castle a try!


  1. What a gorgeous place for a nights stay! Fish ladders are a set of "steps" man made into a river to allow a the fish a better change of getting upstream in their migration. Kinda sad that I know that but there you go!

  2. This looks gorgeous, and dinner on the balcony sounds like the perfect romantic evening! That french toast & bacon looks delish too! xx