You Go Glen Coco #4

Friday, 12 July 2013
I went through a phase recently of not really reading blogs - I think I reached the point where I had like 300+ unread posts on Bloglovin after a week or so of not reading and when I went on I didn't know where to start so just put off tackling it and instead only read posts that people I followed on Twitter posted links to.  

The other weekend though I woke up a bit earlier than my boyfriend for once so decided to go through all my unreads on the Bloglovin app and finally got myself up to date.  Now that I'm properly back into the swing of things I thought it was time I did another one of these "blogger love" type posts, highlighting a couple of posts I've loved reading recently.

Dainty Dresses - 15 Facts About Prince

Here's a fact you might not know about me - I'm a cat lady (without a cat).  I cannot WAIT until we buy our own house so we can get a cat.  My family had cats when I was growing up, so when I was living at home I was used to having a cat or two around the place.  Basically I love cats (you get the picture...cats cats CATS!).  So imagine my delight when Charlene starting posting cutey pics of her new kitty Prince on Instagram....I love him! This is a funny wee post featuring 15 facts about the little fella - go check it out now (unless you hate cats....and if so, GET OFF MA BLOG!).

 Milk Bubble Tea - Chocolate and Marshmallow Fluff Pie

Sod calorie counting...sod the 5:2 diet....sod weight watchers bloody yummy does this look?!  Becky always posts the most amazing looking sweet recipes and this is the latest one.  It sounds so simple to make too, I'll definitely be making one soon.

Hello Terri Lowe - WTF Topshop: Psychadelic Summer Edition

This post made me laugh this morning - I too often see stuff on Topshop and the like that makes me think "what the HELL is that?" and I'm glad to see it's not just me (was beginning to think I was just getting old). 

Thank Fifi - Salvator Hotel, Parga

Wendy's post makes me want to jump on a plane and go on a holiday in the sun pronto.  Her holiday snaps from Greece look beautiful, and that hotel is absolutely stunning.  I'm not normally a beach/pool sun holiday girl but that view is enough to convince me that I should change my mind.

So there we go, that's a few of the bloggers I've been enjoying recently - I hope you found a few new reads!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!! Glad you enjoyed the post, I'm sure you're secretly buying all the clobber to complete your summer wardrobe though ;)