Video: ASOS Haul

Tuesday, 23 July 2013
A few months ago I entered a competition to win £200 of ASOS vouchers, courtesy of Casino Choice, and amazingly I won!  I've pasted my original entry below.

ASOS is one of my favourite websites for clothes shopping (it's probably one of my most viewed websites after Twitter, Facebook and Blogger!) so I was so excited to go on a spending spree.  I ended up buying 11 items although I'm sending a couple of them back so will give you an update when I have replaced the returns.

As it was a good old haul I thought it was worth doing a video, so check that out below.

My winning entry!


  1. First of all - congrats on the win! :) I would really go crazy with that :D

    Secondly - I'm very glad to have found your blog after reading Louises post @ Sprinkle of Glitter and have therefore became a new follower. It's a very pretty and informative blog you have here :)

  2. Oh wow that dress is amazing!!

    I tagged you in the 'i heart summer tag' find out more here -


  3. subbed to you on youtube:) great post xx