The Naked 2 Experiments: #2 Metallics

Monday, 8 July 2013
As I mentioned in my Saturday Daily Snap, this month I'm planning on revisiting all of those series that I've started over the last year and never finished (tut tut bad blogger).  First up is a makeup series I did showcasing different looks from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  For the first post in this series I did a dark, dramatic eye look using the Blackout shadow.  For this post I'm going to do what is probably my most used eye look, a subtle metallic smoky eye.  For this look I'll mainly be using the YDK and Busted shades, with a touch of Bootycall as a highlighter.

Experiment #2: Metallics


To start off I've used the Benefit Bad Gal waterproof liner really close to my lash line and blended out with a Real Techniques Accent Brush.


Next I've applied YDK all over my lids (up to the crease) using a Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush.


Next I've taken a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush and applied Busted to the outer corner of my lid.  I tend to tap this on rather than stroke the brush across my lid as it minimises fallout.


Using a clean eyeshadow brush I've then blended the two shadows together so there is less of an obvious line between the darker shade in the corner and the metallic on the rest of my lid.


To finish the lids I've taken a liquid liner (here I used the Rimmel Exaggerate Liner) and drawn an fine line along my top lashline, thickening this slightly at the outer corners.


For my undereyes I've applied some YDK close to my lashline using a Real Techniques Accent Brush.  Going from the outer corner and stopping just before my inner corner.  Then I applied a little dot of Bootycall in the inner corners just to brighten the eyes.


Post-Bootycall (sounds rude!)

Finally, to finish off the look I added a couple of coats of Benefit They're Real mascara and voila - done!


Like I said, this is one of my go-to looks and I do my eyes like this pretty much every time I go on a night out.  I also wear a slightly toned down version of this for day to day / work (no liner and nothing under my eyes).

For the rest of my face I tend to go with peachy/pinky blush and lips, and a bit of highlighter.  A nice fresh face so the focus is left on the eyes.


What do you think - would you wear this look?


  1. I really like this look :) Post bootycall ;)

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. This looks great! I bought this palette very impulsively last year and just haven't done anything with it since, sadly. Now I've got something to try out!

  3. I love how these colours go with your eyes, and the look is really pretty =)

    Maria x

  4. So pretty! I only have the first naked pallette but I love it muchly. I really like these types of tutorials- more please! ;-) xx