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Wednesday, 10 July 2013
Hotel Missoni Edinburgh - NB The Bubble
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Last Thursday I went along to the gorgeous Missoni hotel with a few of my fave blogger ladies to hear about a fancy new treatment on offer at the spa.  I stayed at the Missoni when it first opened a few years ago (as a treat for B's birthday) and it's still one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in.  I've also been in for a drinks a couple of times with friends as the bar is a nice quiet alternative to the crowded pubs on George IV Bridge.  I hadn't realised that they had a spa though, so it was a nice surprise when the invite to this event popped into my inbox.

We were there to hear about the Natura Bisse Bubble Pure Air system which was an exclusive treatment being offered at the hotel that weekend*.  So what's so special about this treatment?  Well it's a facial that literally takes place in a bubble (I suppose the best way to describe it is a tent - you get zipped inside!).  Filtered air is then pumped into this bubble, so once inside you are breathing in 99.9% filtered pure air.  This environment stimulates the mechanisms that eliminate toxins and dead skin cells, ensuring maximum hygiene to the skin; enhances the absorption of the treatments applied, accelerating and boosting the effect of the nutrients and active ingredients; delicately cares for the skin and naturally restores its youthfulness (as explained on the Natura Bisse website).  An interesting fact we learned was that tennis player Rafael Nadal has one of these bubbles in his house and often sleeps in it before a match!

After being introduced to the concept of the bubble facial we were given some time to mingle, have a look at the accompanying Natura Bisse products, sample some Missoni afternoon tea (mmm cakes!) and enjoy a glass or two of the bloggers favourite: Prosecco.

We were also given a tour of the hotel spa.  There are two treatment rooms (designed in the trademark Missoni bright colours and prints) as well as a nail bar and a relaxation room where you can chill out after your treatment (Gillian and I tested the chairs - they are very comfy indeed!).  As there are just 2 treatment rooms it's ideal for a cosy girly afternoon as you could come with a few friends and have the place to yourself (followed by afternoon tea downstairs - bliss).

Back upstairs we were all given the opportunity to sample a Natura Bisse O2 Awakening Facial in the bubble with a 10/15 minute mini treatment. I'll admit that I was a bit nervous about this as I've only had a facial once before and I didn't really enjoy it (I don't like people touching my face!).  I decided to go for it anyway though as it's not every day you're offered a free spa treatment in a bubble!  I actually found it surprisingly relaxing - I don't know if it was the pure air I was breathing in, or the glass (or two) of Prosecco I'd had beforehand, but I came out feeling completely calm and relaxed (and a bit sleepy!).

Despite only having 10-15 minutes in the bubble my face still got to sample lots of different products and treatments (I did start to count the number of different stages I went through in the facial but I ended up being so relaxed that I forgot about the counting halfway through.  After emerging from the bubble my skin had a definite "glow" about it, and felt so soft (like I'd used some kind of super moisturiser).  Considering that was only a 15 minute treatment I imagine the effects would have been even better if I'd had the full 60 minute facial.

Overall it was a really interesting experience - given that I've never really been a fan of facials this has definitely helped persuade me that they might be for me after all.

*I only realised as I started writing this that it was only actually available until Sunday 7th July - so this review is a tad late, oops!  Although you can still book a Natura Bisse O2 Awakening Facial at the hotel, it just won't take place in a bubble.

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  1. This sounds so cool! I would love to investigate all the science behind it :)

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