Life Update: June

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

girly lunch at Le Monde | ice cream in Princes St Gardens| lauriston castle
statue at Chewton Glen | Benefit event | cocktails with Gillian & Laura
champagne at The George Hotel | Musselburgh Races | Sunday baking

This month I.... 

  • enjoyed a girly lunch with cocktails at Le Monde
  • had a day out at Lauriston Castle
  • went to my first Benefit blogger event for Stay Flawless
  • suffered the worst hangover EVER after a night out with friends when Jemma visited
  • supped champagne in a penthouse suite at the Tempus summer menu launch
  • spent a day at Musselburgh Races (which I vlogged.....coming soon!)

I've been watching....

  • Ted - basically Peter Griffin as a teddy bear, funny but nothing special
  • All Good Things - another Gosling film to add to our collection but probably the worst one so far
  • Man of Steel - looked great but pretty boring story wise.  All action, no substance
  • Silver Linings Playbook - really enjoyed this, Bradley Cooper is growing on me
  • What Richard Did - a really good Irish film about a promising young rugby player and how his life is turned upside down by one reckless move.  Definitely worth a watch - the acting is great and the dialogue and everything is really realistic for a teen movie
  • Big Brother - It's actually really good this year, although they pulled the mole out far too early
  • The Returned - this is a brilliant French thriller about a little sleepy alpine village where a couple of dead people suddenly reappear with no memory of their death.  Super creepy at times!

 I've been listening to....

  • Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines - hated this the first time I heard it, now I pretty much have it on repeat
  • Billie Piper: Honey to the B - reliving my youth with this album!

Blog stats fun

My most viewed posts this month were:

And finally, the strangest search terms used to find my blog this month were "shoes to wear in Paris in summer sightseeing" (how specific) and "3d earrings" (aren't all earrings 3D?).


  1. I also thought Man Of Steel was a huge let down! Someone once found my blog by searching 'anal sex bath water' I'm sorry but what? x

    1. Hahahaha that just made me properly laugh out loud- what the hell?! Lynne x

  2. Those search engine results made me giggle!