July Snap Day 1: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Monday, 1 July 2013

I've become a bit of cliched blogger and am writing this on a train!  Ha, at least I'm not editing a video...

Part of my job involves having meetings with clients either at our office or on-site at their hotel.  Depending on their location, often an on-site can involve a full day out of the office (at the moment I'm doing this once or twice a month).  Today was one of those days.

So this morning I flew down to Southampton with my manager where we then got the train through to London to meet a new client. I realise how backwards that sounds but it's a long story...

After our meeting we stopped for a nice dinner at Carluccios in Waterloo station then got the train back through to Southampton for the 8pm flight home.

So the photo I've chosen for today sums up the day pretty well.....travel!  Lots and lots of travel.  I went from a taxi to a plane to a train to a tube then another tube and all the way back again, all in the space of 12 hours.  Phew!

I do love this side of my job - meeting clients face to face and building a relationship is really satisfying - but at the same time it's certainly not as glamorous and fun as it sounds!  I cannot wait to get home to my bed....

See you tomorrow!

If you're wondering what the Daily Snap series is about check out this intro post.

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  1. AT least you got to go to London? I've never been :( x