July Daily Snap Day 31: The End

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Today marks the end of the July Daily Snap challenge and I'm so chuffed that I actually managed to see it all the way through!  I will admit some days it was really hard to find something to take a picture of, but I quite like that a lot of it was fairly dull as it gives you an actual insight into my day to day life (not that my life is dull, it's just normal!).  I don't know about you but I occasionally find myself feeling pretty envious of other bloggers lives as it always seems like they are up to something exciting, but then I guess that's because you don't document the everyday boring stuff.  So I hope this gives you a bit of reassurance that just because you aren't out doing something interesting every day it doesn't mean you are a bore....it just means you're normal!

So for my last day I've chosen a picture of my spare room which is all ready for my friend coming to stay tomorrow night.  We're off to a friends' wedding on Friday so she's staying with me until Saturday (I'm repaying the favour after I stayed at hers in London for the hen weekend).  So in anticipation of a house guest I've spent the night changing the beds, tidying the spare room, and cleaning the bathroom, and B is now going round with a hoover after cleaning the kitchen.  I'm knackered now, ready to settle down in front of the TV with some chocolate :)

As I've got a busy weekend ahead my blog is probably going to be neglected a bit but I'm off work on Monday so I'm hoping to get a bunch of posts written and scheduled (including a very exciting special series for August that I can't wait to get started on!).

Thanks for sticking with me this past 31 days - if you've managed to read every single one then you earn extra special brownie points :) 

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