July Daily Snap Day 30: Bad

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tonight we are fiiiiinally getting round to watching the first half of season 5 Breaking Bad, ahead of the second half starting mid August.  I know everyone goes on about how good this show is but seriously, it is amazing.

I only signed up for Netflix like a week ago and I'm already a bit of an addict (am now up to S3 E9 of The Office - I'm like a machine!).  Having so many films and TV shows at my fingertips, and a speedy laptop to stream it all is such a novelty to me after years of having shitty slow netbooks.  I only wish it had existed back when I was at uni (actually scrap that, I'd have got very little done!).


  1. My friend has been begging me to start watching breaking bad but I have been a bit hesitant, thinking it wouldn't be my thing. But after reading this, it looks like he isn't the only one who thinks it's good and I really should watch it :P x

    Sinead | sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie

  2. I love Breaking Bad and The Office! Check out Orange Is the New Black if you haven't already, it's amazing. Also, cute bedding, where is it from? :)

    1. I've seen lots of people tweeting about OITNB so definitely going to add it to my to-watch list! Oh and the bedding is from Primark :) x