July Daily Snap Day 3: Breakfast

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wow I'm only 3 days into this challenge and already I'm struggling for ideas....this bodes well! 

Today has been a bog standard working day.  I woke up feeling in quite a good mood actually, it was nice and sunny, I'd had a good sleep, and my hair went into a topknot with minimal fuss - all was well with the world.  On the bus to work my rumbling belly made the decision that we should buy breakfast before going to the office.  The Starbucks near my work has been closed for a revamp for the last week but as the bus pulled into Hanover St I saw it was open again so thought I'd pop in for (sorry Pret, you've been dumped).  It's had a proper facelift and looks all nice and swish now (it's the one on the corner of George St and Hanover St).  

I went for a decaff white mocha with soy milk (no whip) - gone are the days when I used to just order a plain old latte in coffee shops, now I'm one of those people that need to reel off a whole sentence when placing an order.  I also picked up a skinny lemon & poppy seed muffin, as they are the bestest.  

So there we go, what an exciting update.

Oh in slightly more exciting news, my Musselburgh Races vlog went live today if you fancy a watch!

If you're wondering what the Daily Snap series is about check out this intro post.  You can also read my day 2 post here.


  1. Hello from Canada! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it :) My boyfriend's family is Scottish so I get a little extra excited when I find a great blog from Scotland. I love your honest product reviews, I'll definitely keep coming back.
    xo ruth

    1. Aww thanks! If you search #scottishbloggers on Twitter you'll find lots of other lovely Scottish blogger girls - there's quite a nice wee community of us out there :) Lynne x