July Daily Snap Day 26: Supermarket

Friday, 26 July 2013

Remember how earlier in the month my daily snap was about meal planning?  Well that was all well and good, but it goes to pot if you keep forgetting to take things out of the freezer in time.  This week I've been rubbish and we've had to make numerous trips to the supermarket - today being a classic example.  Sigh.

On the plus side though I did pick myself up a strawberry and lime cider and a Galaxy cookie crumble while we were there which I'll enjoy later whilst watching Big Brother (cannot WAIT to see Dan's face when he realises he's being evicted - HA in your face Dan!).

On an even more exciting note, whilst we were at the shops we also bought a water purifier for the fridge (I know what you're thinking....Lynne, stop rubbing our faces in your exciting life!).  The tap in our kitchen takes forever to get cold so I'm looking forward to having a supply of chilled water to drink in this stuffy heat!

I'm going to do a joint Saturday & Sunday daily snap again this weekend as I'm going out for drinks in Glasgow with some bloggers pals tomorrow night and won't be back till late.

Have a good weekend folks!

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  1. I love the strawberry and lime cider, it's so good. My dad had a water purifier and it was really nice but really heavy when it was full.

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