July Daily Snap Day 18: TOO HOT

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Right I know I shouldn't really complain about the heat as it's quite rare we get such nice weather in Scotland, and it's probably going to be back to cold and grey soon, but OH MY GOD IT IS TOO BLOODY HOT!!

I am most definitely not a summer girl - I don't do holidays in the sun, or beach holidays purely for the reason that I get extremely cranky if I have to sit out in the sun.  Even in this country I have no interest in sitting out in the sun.  It's partly because I'm a pale mary who burns at the merest hint of sunshine, and partly because I just hate feeling hot (sweaty, shiny, red skin is not attractive).  Basically I am not a big fan of summer....I love Spring and Autumn, and Winter I can give or take (I have a love/hate relationship with snow, I am paranoid of slipping on icy pavements, but I love how Christmassy everything looks).

The last few days have been really hot in Edinburgh and it's getting unbearable in our office.  Even with a fan in my face I still go home feeling horribly sticky and grubby - if only it was socially acceptable to work in your pants!!

Back home it's even worse - when we first moved into our flat (in the winter) we were really chuffed at how little we needed to heat it to keep warm, with the small rooms retaining the warmth really well (especially compared to our old flat which was huge, but cold).  In the summer though we have the opposite problem and coming home from a day at work it's like walking into a greenhouse - soooo stuffy and horrible.  Even having the windows open doesn't seem to be making much difference, our thermostat currently reads 28 degrees :(

So in summary - despite today being a picture perfect, gorgeous sunny day, I am in a foul mood.  I'm actually tempted to go jump in a cold shower.  Bring on Autumn ;)

Hahah, what a bloody ungrateful cow I am.


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  2. It really is too hot! Obviously I was moaning about the weather as much as the next person in winter (that was a way too long winter), but it's almost like they're making summer extra hot to catch up for it! It's almost unbearable outside most of the afternoon, even if you're just lying in the park/garden. Have that cold shower, it's the best part of the day haha xx

  3. I am in little old New Zealand and it's soo cold, I am missing summer!


  4. According to a few folk I've met in Seville, apparently if you have a warm shower before bed it kind of cools you down. I've not tried this yet, because I'm not insane. It sounds like they're trollin'. Cold showers all the way!