July Daily Snap Day 14: Sunday

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Today has been my typical Sunday - a bit of house chores, a bit of blogging, and a bit of TV.  I quite like easing myself into the week so we don't tend to do anything particularly exciting on a Sunday, saving that for Saturdays instead.

So today I spent most of the morning watching my subscriptions on Youtube (loved Zoe and Tanya's 90s tag, and Louise's summer lookbook) and writing up some posts for this week.  After a quick lunch (scotch pie from the Morrisons bakery - what a fatty) I took some outfit photos for my next "One Dress 3 Ways" and did my weekly tidy up of my wardrobe (if I just hung clothes up every day rather than chucking them in there I wouldn't have this problem...).

The afternoon was spent on boring chores like cleaning the bathroom (urgh - the worst job ever), followed by TV and more blog reading/Youtube watching.  For the rest of the evening I'm planning on cooking us dinner, having a shower (and a wee pamper sesh with some face and hair masks) and then watching some TV in bed.

One of the more exciting things that happened today though was that I bought myself a Macbook Air(!).  At the moment I just have a little Acer notebook and it's sooo slow - it's actually painful to use (it even takes about 5 minutes to just load up Google).  I've been toying with the idea of buying a Macbook for ages but it's so expensive that I just haven't been able to afford it.  I decided recently though that I'd use my work profit share/bonus at Christmas to buy myself a Macbook, but once that idea was in my head I couldn't really face having to wait until December so instead I bought it from Very on "Buy Now Pay Later"* (and then I can still use my bonus to pay it off at the end of the year).  It should be here by Thursday so I only have to put up with this shitty little netbook for a few more days.....cannot WAIT!

*I do understand that BNPL and using credit to buy expensive things that you can't really afford isn't the most sensible plan so I'm by no means promoting/encouraging you to do the same.  I'd only suggest using this type of scheme to buy something if you know that you will have the money to pay it back when you need to.

If you're wondering what the Daily Snap series is about check out this intro post.  You can also read my day 13 post here.


  1. I loved both those videos! So much so that I filmed the 90s Tag today! You'll love your macbook!! x

  2. The 90's tag looks lots of fun :)