July Daily Snap Day 11: eBay

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Evening!  I don't know about you but I am TERRIBLE at accumulating clothes and shoes and bags and jewellery and belts (the list goes on) that I wear a couple of times and then get bored of.  Or even worse, things that I've bought and then never actually worn.  It's so easy to sell your stuff online these days that it makes me feel even more guilty when I see piles of unworn clothes sitting in my wardrobe, knowing full well that I could be making myself some money from it! Same goes for unwatched DVDs, unloved CDs, and old phones etc - it's so easy to turn this into cash if you put your mind to it.

I  tend to go through phases of selling stuff on eBay (usually in the run up to Christmas) and every time I do it I think "this is awesome, I should do it more often" but inevitably I get lazy and the novelty wears off.

A month or so ago I photographed a selection of dresses that I was planning on putting up on eBay and I have FINALLY gotten round to adding them tonight.  I could do with making some money in the run up to my holiday in September so I'm going to try and be good and continue the eBay cycle once I've sold this lot (as I've got literally boxes of stuff that I don't wear or use any more that could be going to nice new homes!).  In my resolutions at the start of the year I did say that I wanted to make £1,000 from eBay this year - and so far I'm at a big fat zero so I'm going to need to get my skates on if I want to meet that target by the end of December.

If you fancy buying any of my things (clothes sizes 18/20)  then you can check out my eBay page.

If you're wondering what the Daily Snap series is about check out this intro post.  You can also read my day 10 post here.

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