Hair Makeover at Medusa

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hey folks - say hello to the new me!  I had a hair appointment at Medusa this Saturday and ended up having a bit of a makeover.

I originally made an appointment for my usual highlights, but after doing a bit of searching on Pinterest for hair inspiration I decided to move to the dark side.  After a discussion with my stylist Jill we decided to go for a toffee/caramel colour which was darker at the roots and lighter at the ends for a subtle ombre look.  She used a new colouring technique where you mix the colour with Wella Colour ID which turns the mixture into a thick paste.  As the colour is quite solid it's ideal for ombre-ing as you can add different colours in strips without them running into each other.  I ended up with 2 layers of colours - a darker toffee at the roots and then a caramel through the mid lengths, leaving the ends as they were (light blonde).  After washing off the Colour ID a toner was then added to warm up the ends, leaving me with a really lovely natural looking colour with a subtle ombre.

As well as a big colour change I also decided to go for a big style change and got it chopped into a long layered bob.  I've been growing my hair for about a year and unsurprisingly once it got fairly long I decided I was fed up with it and wanted it short!  I always loved the idea of having really long hair but the reality of it is that the upkeep is a pain in the bum (blowdrying took FOREVER).  

I'm now super excited about how quickly I'm going to be able to get ready in the morning now.  I'm thinking upside down blowdry, quick scoosh of salt spray, a bit of scrunching and I"m good to go.  Amazing.

Before shot

Step 1 - cut done and main colours in


Ready for a blow-dry

Ta da!


  1. I LOVE it! It suits you so much :D

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Looks great!


  3. your hair looks so great! you really suit it :)
    lovely blog btw, following!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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  4. Looks fab! I think the new suits you more :) and your owl is amazing.

  5. Wow! Love it! It looks amazing, I really like the tone :)
    Kloe xx

  6. You look amazing! The colour really warms up your face in a nice way, it makes you very healthy-looking :) x