Boots Haul July 2013

Thursday, 25 July 2013
After my hair appointment on Saturday I went for a wee wander along Princes Street and popped into Boots where I ended up spending about £65 despite only going in for hairspray and dry shampoo (damn you Boots, why do you always do this to me?!).  

I thought I'd do a quick Boots haul post to show you what I bought - I'll then probably also end up doing full reviews on some of these products once I've had a chance to try them out properly.

I've recently rekindled my love for Porefessional after I used a little sample bottle the other day and was literally gobsmacked by how good a job it did.  I had tried a sample a year or so ago and quite liked it but wasn't blown away, so after finishing the sample I didn't repurchase.  I got another sample bottle in the gift set I won at the recent Benefit event though and the other day as I was starting my makeup I realised my pores looked massive so thought I'd use some of this to see if it helped and OMG I actually did a double take when looking in the mirror, it was literally like I'd airbrushed my face.  I've since finished the sample and had fallen so in love with it that it was right at the top of my wishlist.  As I walked into Boots I passed the Benefit counter (they need to move away from the front door....too damn tempting!) and decided to pick it up on a whim.

Whilst I was there the lovely Benefit lady pointed out that if you buy 2 Benefit products at the moment you get 750 Boots points on your advantage card (AKA £7.50).  So of course I decided to pick up something else....I went for the Dandelion blush as I had a small sample of this in the gift set mentioned above and it's a really nice colour on me (a lovely light pink). 

Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner - £1.79 (usually £3.99)
When I was in the hair salon I was reading Heat magazine and saw an ad for this which jogged my memory as I was sure I'd seen some beauty bloggers rave about it recently (don't ask me who!).  I had the Intensive Repair one in my hand but then noticed they also did one for coloured hair so picked that up instead.  Dove is on half price in Boots at the moment so this was only £1.79 (can't see it on the website so no link I'm afraid).

Hairspray was one of the things I actually needed and I headed straight for the Elnett section as this is my all-time favourite.  The heat protectors are new and the one for curls drew my eye as I'm planning on wearing my new short hair in beachy waves most days so this will hopefully be ideal. 

The other thing I needed was dry shampoo and luckily good old Batiste was also on offer at the moment so I got a bargain.  There were lots of scents & types on offer, I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest and didn't know which to pick so just grabbed the nicest looking bottle (ha!).

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