Day at the Races Outfit

Thursday, 20 June 2013
Oh hiiiii – I’ve been a bit MIA for the last week which is mainly due to having an epic 3 day hangover which threw my blog schedule right out of the window. Aaaaanyway, I’m back now and have got a bunch of posts planned for the next week or so (and I’m officially off the booze for a while) so let’s get on with it eh?!

I’m quite lucky with social events at my work - we tend to have 2 big things and then a bunch of small events (like bowling or a pub quiz) throughout the year. For the 2 main events there’s a Christmas do where we go to a hotel for a party and an overnight stay (this year we’re at Blythswood Square – can’t wait!), and then the other thing we do is go for a day at the races in the summer.

This years’ race day is coming up next Friday and I can’t bloody wait. We’ll be in the office until lunchtime and then we’ll head down to Musselburgh Racecourse for an afternoon of betting and enjoying a few drinks in the sun (well, fingers crossed there’s sun!). Afterwards we’re coming back into Edinburgh for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe followed by drinks along George Street. It’s a great opportunity for us all to socialise together away from the office, and based on previous years it’s always a good laugh.

I’m currently trying to plan my outfit and am having a bit of a dilemma as to how dressy to go- it’s not a special Ladies Day type event or anything so I don’t need to go all out, but I do want to be a bit more fancy than my usual day to day outfits – decisions decisions! I’m determined not to buy anything new as I’ve seriously overspent in the last few months, so I’ve done a bit of fantasy shopping and put together a Day at the Races outfit below.  I think it would actually work well for a summer wedding too.

I’ll make sure I do a proper outfit of the day post on the day so you can see what I actually end up wearing.
dress - miss selfridge - £55
blazer - topshop - £65
clutch - asos - £12.99
wedges - new look - £24.99
headband - crown & glory - £15

The post serves as my entry to the Casino Choice Dress for the Races competition to win £200 of ASOS vouchers.


  1. Hi Lynne!

    I love your blog! I was just wondering how you managed to get the beauty sets embedded on your blog. I have been trying for nearly an hour and it doesn't seem to work :/ any advice!

    Steph xxx

    1. H Steph, hopefully this helps....

      To generate the code click on the set you want to post and then click the link on the top left just above the image called "post to blog". In the popup I tend to choose the large option and the box on the right under "display products". Copy the code in the box and then paste into the HTML view on your blog post. If you aren't sure how to get to the HTML view, when you're editing your blog post click the button that says HTML on the right (just above the main text area). Paste the code in the HTML in the space where you want it to appear (e.g. just under a block of text). When you save and publish it should then hopefully appear on your blog! :)

      Lynne x

    2. Oops actually the HTML button is on the left, above the main text area, not the right.