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Friday, 28 June 2013

I don't seem to write many beauty posts any more which is ironic given that one of the main reasons I started this blog was so I could chat about makeup and beauty stuff.  Oh well, in an attempt to get back into the beauty blogging side of things I've written a skincare favourites post showcasing some of the products I've been loving on my face recently.

This first product is the closest I've gotten to a holy grail moisturiser.  Although to simply call it a moisturiser would be to do it a disservice, this isn't just a moisturiser (M&S lols), it's a rejuvenating treatment.  Origins Make a Difference + has a cool, gel-like consistency which makes it extremely pleasant to apply.  It feels so light on your skin and sinks in super quick leaving your skin looking refreshed and bright and feeling as smooth as a babys bum.  It's perfect for my oily skin - with most moisturisers I'm left with a greasy film and a horrible tacky sensation, but this does neither.  I apply it morning and night after cleansing and I love the effect it has on my skin.  My boyfriend has also taken to "borrowing" this of an evening - he never steals any of my beauty stuff so that's definitely the sign of a wonder product!  As you can see I'm close to finishing this tub and I'll definitely be repurchasing.

I was recently sent some products to try from a new skincare range from a brand called Ali Mac.  Ali Mac is a Scottish brand (tick) which specialises in organic, fairtrade products (tick) that are paraben free (tick), cruelty free (tick) and free from synthetic perfumes (tick).  It was the first time I'd been sent products for review and to be honest I was quite nervous that I wouldn't like them (fellow bloggers, what do you do in that situation? Write a bad review? Be constructive? Not write anything? And if the latter, do you contact the PR and tell them? So many questions!).  I needn't have worried though as I love both of these products!

First up the Chamomile Face Wash.  I've been using this every morning (switching to an Origins oil cleanser at night), working into a lather (you only need a tiny bit) and gently washing my face before wiping off with a muslin cloth.  It has a nice fresh scent which is sort of halfway between fruity and floral.  I also like that it doesn't lather up too much (similar to a paraben free shampoo - you get a bit of a lather but it's by no means bubble central) - I much prefer that to a soap overload.  My skin feels really refreshed after I've used it, and not tight or dry like some face washes do.

The face polish is probably my favourite of the two products.  It has quite a thick, almost lip balm like texture and has a lovely rose scent.  I've used this about 10 times in the last 2 weeks and as you can see in the photo I've barely made a dent so this jar is going to last for ages.  It contains natural sugars which exfoliate without feeling too harsh, and shea butter and argan oil which gives the polish a huge dose of moisturising power.  Even when I'm rubbing in the scrub I can immediately feel a smoothness on my skin, and once rinsed off it feels like I have a whole new face (bye bye dead skin cells!).

I picked this up in a recent Boots haul (as seen in my latest video) after my Bioderma micellar water ran out.  I went in search of a cleansing water and this seemed like the best value, with Vichy and La Roche Posay being twice the price.  I use this to remove my makeup at night before cleansing, and it does a great job of getting rid of every trace of foundation and even more toughest mascara (Benefit They're Real - which is a bitch to remove).  I only ever need one large cotton pad to do my whole face, so it's nice and quick to use.  There's not really much else to say to be honest, for me I just use it as a makeup remover so I'm left with a clean base to use cleanser, and it does the job, so yeah - win.

This mask has been my saviour in the past week.  It works a treat on hormonal breakouts - even after one treatment I can see a difference, with spots reduced and redness tamed.  It has a fresh mint/eucalyptus scent which I LOVE (eucalyptus is one of my favourite smells) but I know this is probably not to everyones taste.  The clay based mask needs just 10 minutes to get to work (similar to my other Origins fave - the charcoal mask).  I tend to apply it after cleansing and then once the 10 mins are up I gently rub it off with a muslin cloth.  As well as using on bad skin days I also tend to use this every few weeks as part of a pampering session.  I'm almost finished the bottle but will definitely be repurchasing!

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  1. I really need to get my hands on the Origins treatment. The Ali Mac face polish sounds lovely too, I'll definitely be having a look into that! xo