Outfit of the Night: Hen Party

Thursday, 30 May 2013
You probably haven't noticed as I had quite a few posts scheduled, but I've been off my blogging game for the last few weeks and this is the first time I've actually sat down to write something in ages.  I put the absence down to having the flu and also general busyness with work etc.  Anyway, as I haven't really written chatty posts recently I don't think I mentioned that I was going down to London for my friend Holly's hen weekend this month.  I had planned on taking lots of photos around London and doing a post on my travels but I ended up taking hardly any pictures at all - apart from a whole load of posey getting ready shots on the Saturday night!  

I was staying at my friend Anna's flat, and we spent about 2 hours on Saturday doing our hair and makeup whilst listening to the Glee soundtrack and making our way through a bottle of Prosecco.  It's been literally years since I last got ready for a night out with someone else (it's normally just me in the bedroom on my lonesome) and I'd forgotten how much fun it was!  As we were a bit tipsy by the time it came to leave (and we were both giddy with excitement because we were going on a night out together for the first time in about 5 years) we then spent quite a long time taking photos of ourselves like a pair of posers!  It does mean I have a proper outfit of the night post for you....although please ignore my little smug drunk face!

dress - river island
lace jacket - primark
studded shoe boots - new look teens
studded belt - primark
turquoise necklace - primark
turquoise rings - primark


  1. That dress is gorgeous, really suits you. The turquoise really compliments the whole outfit x

  2. I love this outfit! (Aaaaand your skinny wee arms! Want, please!) I like a bit of LBD action and the turquoise really brings it together. Hope you had fun :) xx

    1. Aww thanks, I don't think I've ever heard my arms being described as skinny so I appreciate the compliment! :D x

  3. You look so lovely! Your rings almost match your eyes... so lush! Hope you had a good time in London!

    1. Thanks Callie - I had a great time, apart from feeling a bit fluey! x