Origins VitaZing Review + Blog Sale

Tuesday, 14 May 2013
The Origins Vitazing SPF-15 Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£27) is a product that a few of my fave beauty bloggers raved about last year (like Kate), and after being won over by the hype I ended up buying it. Usually when that happens I end up with a product that I love and am so grateful that I found out about it through bloggers (e.g. the Origins charcoal mask, anything by REN Skincare, and the Chanel universal finish loose powder – all amazing), but unfortunately in this instance that didn’t happen. Instead I’ve got a product that does not work for me at all, which is pretty gutting considering how expensive it was!

I want to preface this post though by saying that although this product has been absolutely rubbish for me, that might not be the case with you – like I said, I’ve read so many great reviews of this over the last year so I think it might just be one of those instances where my skin has taken an exception to it. So even though this is going to be a negative review, I’d advise you to also read plenty other reviews before deciding whether to buy or not buy VitaZing, so you get a balanced view.


Origins VitaZing is a sheer tint moisturiser with SPF-15 that claims to give skin a radiant glow – the perfect antidote to a sleepy morning face. As it has an SPF it smells a bit like sun cream, and I feel like it has that sun cream texture too (a bit slimy) which to be honest, I absolutely hate in a moisturiser! I think it’s because I have slightly oily skin so if I use any thick or cream based moisturiser then I automatically feel like my face is greasy and the moisturiser is just sitting on my skin rather than sinking in. Not a good start.

As well as moisturising and providing an SPF, VitaZing also has a sheer tint release giving you a touch of colour – meaning you could wear this instead of foundation, or underneath as a primer. For me though this “sheer tint” makes my pale skin look incredibly orange – like I’ve put on a foundation 3 shades too dark. The first time I tried it, as soon as I applied it to my face I thought “uh oh, this is far too dark for me” which is crazy considering it’s only supposed to have a sheer tint to it. I think it might be a different story if your face is more tanned to begin with, but for me my face does not like it at all.

One thing I would agree with though is that it leaves you with an energised glow....if by energised you mean shiny and orange.

Origins is a brand that I generally have a great experience with (in fact, some of my current skincare faves are Origins products), so I feel quite bad writing an overly negative review but I always want to be completely honest on here so if I haven’t liked something then I’m not going to sugar coat it. I did think that I maybe just had a one-off bad experience with it so a month later I tried again but had the exact same result – a shiny, greasy, orange face. So I’m sorry VitaZing, but we will never be friends – goodbye!

*If you’re one of the many VitaZing fans – firstly, I hope this review didn’t offend you ;) – and secondly, if you’d like to take this tube off my hands (it’s about 90% full as I’ve only used it twice) then I’d happily sell it to you for £15 (free P&P – was £27 RRP), just give me a shout in the comments below!*


  1. Love the Louis Walsh photo!! Such a shame this didn't work for you, but good on you for being honest about it. I recently bought the Origins Make A Difference + and I'm loving it so far- the first Origins product I've owned!xx

  2. Email me, interested.

  3. Oh dear... I have actually yet to find a tinted moisturiser that I like. It's a minefield. The search continues!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Celia - yes it is :) If you email me at then I can give you my Paypal email address for the payment if you'd like to take it off my hands (£15, includes P&P). Lynne x