Holiday Planning: Germany

Sunday, 12 May 2013

This post is a bit of a plea for information.....  Basically my boyfriend and I are trying to plan a holiday for mid September and we are hoping to visit Germany for a week, taking in 3 cities in 7 days.  So far we've nailed down the following plan:

  • Fly from Edinburgh to Berlin
  • Stay in Berlin for 2 nights
  • Get the train from Berlin to Munich
  • Stay in Munich for 3 nights
  • Get the train from Munich to Frankfurt
  • Stay in Frankfurt for 2 nights
  • Fly from Frankfurt to Edinburgh

I've got as far as pricing up all the travel as best I can (like over here the trains can only be booked like 6 weeks in advance so I've had to do some educated guesswork!) and worked out that for accommodation we're looking to spend a max of £79 per night (i.e. £39.50 per person per night) - so specific eh?!  

So here comes the plea.....if you've visited Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt before (or even better, you live there!) then please fire me any recommendations for places to stay* or places to eat/drink, things to do, must-see attractions etc.  We will be super grateful for any suggestions as I'm getting a bit tired of trawling Tripadvisor!

*hotels, apartments (including Airbnb) and hostels (but only if they offer private rooms....we aint staying in no dorm!)

I'm so excited at the prospect of us going on a wee German adventure - we've never actually been away on holiday together for longer than 4 nights so this will be a proper treat.  Also I've never done a travelling holiday like this where you visit more than one place (apart from cruises, but it doesn't really count as you don't actually stay overnight in the cities) so it will be so cool getting to experience 3 different places on the one trip.

Thanks a million in advance to anyone who has suggestions for us! :)


  1. Oh so exciting that you are going to Germany:) Im german myself, living in the UK tho. One of my favourite German bloggers did a guide to Munich once:

    Those places are amazing, you should try to check out a few of them:) Enjoy your stay!

    1. This is brilliant - thanks so much!! :) x

      Also,have a look at this hotel. its the cutest thing ive ever seen. their rooms are pink and baby blue:)

  2. I'm so jealous, unfortunately I can't give you any recommendations as I've never been :( Have an amazing time though when you get everything sorted x

  3. I'd really recommend City Stay Mitte in Berlin or Wombat's hostels, which have branches in Berlin and Munich. I've not stayed in the Berlin Wombats, but have stayed in several of their other hostels (with private rooms!) and always been really impressed.

    Have an amazing time - Germany is incredible! :)

    City Stay:

  4. Hi Lynne!

    Just found your blog last week and it's become a must read! :)

    Berlin might just be my favourite mini break destination ever (and I love mini breaks)

    I stayed in this hotel:

    It is literally in the middle of everywhere you will want to be, and right next to shops, bars etc.

    Berlin is one of the most cultural, exciting, cleanest ans safest cities I've ever been to. Everything is super cheap. You'll have a blast!

  5. oktoberfest starts mid-late september if you're in Munich then

  6. I lived in Germany a while ago and despite having visited all three cities, I didn't see a great deal of any of them. The East Side Gallery in Berlin is amazing (well the whole city is - it's one of my very favourites) and the nuclear bunkers tour is really interesting too. I didn't really do many of the tourist attractions in Munich, but the Englischer Garten is really nice for a stroll and there are some really nice views of Frankfurt from the Main Tower.
    So jealous, you'll have such a good time! :D