Outfit of the Night: Hen Party

Thursday, 30 May 2013
You probably haven't noticed as I had quite a few posts scheduled, but I've been off my blogging game for the last few weeks and this is the first time I've actually sat down to write something in ages.  I put the absence down to having the flu and also general busyness with work etc.  Anyway, as I haven't really written chatty posts recently I don't think I mentioned that I was going down to London for my friend Holly's hen weekend this month.  I had planned on taking lots of photos around London and doing a post on my travels but I ended up taking hardly any pictures at all - apart from a whole load of posey getting ready shots on the Saturday night!  

I was staying at my friend Anna's flat, and we spent about 2 hours on Saturday doing our hair and makeup whilst listening to the Glee soundtrack and making our way through a bottle of Prosecco.  It's been literally years since I last got ready for a night out with someone else (it's normally just me in the bedroom on my lonesome) and I'd forgotten how much fun it was!  As we were a bit tipsy by the time it came to leave (and we were both giddy with excitement because we were going on a night out together for the first time in about 5 years) we then spent quite a long time taking photos of ourselves like a pair of posers!  It does mean I have a proper outfit of the night post for you....although please ignore my little smug drunk face!

dress - river island
lace jacket - primark
studded shoe boots - new look teens
studded belt - primark
turquoise necklace - primark
turquoise rings - primark

Museum Lates: Dino Night

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A few weeks ago I went along to a special night at the National Museum of Scotland with some of my friends.  They do these "adult only" nights a couple of times a year, it's basically a big themed party in the museum where you can have a drink and a dance, take part in cool activities and experiments, listen to talks/lectures, and generally have a bit of fun.  My friend Sam had sent us round a link on Facebook when it was first announced so we'd all been getting mega excited about it for months!

The theme for the event was Dino Night, so there were lots of dinosaur themed activities going on like T-Rex mask making and experiments with dinosaur poo (yes!).  In the main atrium, where the bars were located, there was live music from DJ Auntie Flo (hehe) and an aptly named band called Miniature Dinos.  There were also scantily clad dancing girls....although I don't quite understand how they fit the theme, or why they were there really (sexist eyebrow raise).

One of our highlights of the night was a silent disco - I somehow made it through uni having NEVER gone to a silent disco so I was really excited to see this on the flyer.  It was a good laugh dancing away in headphones although there were only 2 channels and most people seemed to be on the same one (B*witched and Hanson - oh yeah!) so there wasn't that much mystery!  Also the room was absolutely boiling hot - it brought back memories of sweaty discos at the student union, ha.

One of the funniest parts of the night came courtesy of a man in a costume.  In all the promo material leading up to the night they had talked about how "Tyrone the T-Rex" would be making an appearance.  Now we all thought this would be someone in a comedy dinosaur costume, a bit like Piff The Magic Dragon, but nooooooo this was like a proper real life ("real life") dinosaur.  I was standing right outside its tent when they announced it was about to come out and I thought "ah awesome, I'll get a brilliant photo when he walks out".  So the tent door opens and out charges this MASSIVE DINOSAUR right at me!!  I was genuinly terrified!  Anyway, it then walked around for a bit terrorising some more people - swinging its huge tail all over the shop and knocking drinks over etc.  Proper scary, but brilliant fun!

All in all we had a great night - if you haven't been to one of the Museum Lates before then I'd definitely recommend keeping an eye out when they announce the next one.  We did learn though that you need to be quick off the mark when signing up to activities though as we went along about an hr after the event started (we prioritised going to the bar for a drink...rookie mistake!) and everything was fully booked already.  Next time we'll be pros though and will know to get in there early to sign up for lots of things so we don't miss out on the fun!

Extracts #4 : Innocence

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Helloooo!  Do you know what time it is?  It's diary time!!

For this post the theme is "The Innocence of Youth".  One of the main things that sticks out for me when I'm reading my old diaries (apart from my boy obsession) is the completely inane and insignificant things that I used to feel the need to record in a diary.  I was also incredibly gullible and would pretty much believe anything anyone told me.  It makes me realise how simple and innocent life was back then!

Age 11

Dear Diary,

After school I played with D.  I went to the beach with her we wrote our names in the sand and climbed on the rocks. Awwww

from Lynne

You know what else is "imbarassing"?  The fact that I didn't know how to spell "embarrassing" at age 11.

Age 14 

Sam was my cat by the way......

Age 15


"my fave kitten" - bless.

Eh....I'm pretty sure it wasn't really them....pretty sure.

...and again.....probably not really Nicky from Westlife.  In fact this possibly could have turned into some dodgy grooming situation if I hadn't gotten bored of the Trouble chat rooms.

Age 17

In 2002 I had a diary that asked you to list the "good things" and "bad things" that happened that day, amongst other things.  Here's a selection of things I classed as good/bad this year:

05/01 - Good Things - had 3 smirnoff ices (oooooooh!)

24/01 - Good Things - J smiled on bus

13/03 - Good Things - M loaned me a pen 
             Bad Things - didn't get an ice lolly (day ruined)

18/03 - Bad Things - mod studies teacher isnt tidy (as in good looking, not as in messy, obv)

05/04 - Good Things - The Bodyguard was good 
             Bad Things - Top Gun was rubbish (the film reviewer has spoken)

22/04 - Good Things - everyone likes my jacket (fashion win)

What an exciting life I used to live indeed.

Origins VitaZing Review + Blog Sale

Tuesday, 14 May 2013
The Origins Vitazing SPF-15 Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£27) is a product that a few of my fave beauty bloggers raved about last year (like Kate), and after being won over by the hype I ended up buying it. Usually when that happens I end up with a product that I love and am so grateful that I found out about it through bloggers (e.g. the Origins charcoal mask, anything by REN Skincare, and the Chanel universal finish loose powder – all amazing), but unfortunately in this instance that didn’t happen. Instead I’ve got a product that does not work for me at all, which is pretty gutting considering how expensive it was!

I want to preface this post though by saying that although this product has been absolutely rubbish for me, that might not be the case with you – like I said, I’ve read so many great reviews of this over the last year so I think it might just be one of those instances where my skin has taken an exception to it. So even though this is going to be a negative review, I’d advise you to also read plenty other reviews before deciding whether to buy or not buy VitaZing, so you get a balanced view.


Origins VitaZing is a sheer tint moisturiser with SPF-15 that claims to give skin a radiant glow – the perfect antidote to a sleepy morning face. As it has an SPF it smells a bit like sun cream, and I feel like it has that sun cream texture too (a bit slimy) which to be honest, I absolutely hate in a moisturiser! I think it’s because I have slightly oily skin so if I use any thick or cream based moisturiser then I automatically feel like my face is greasy and the moisturiser is just sitting on my skin rather than sinking in. Not a good start.

As well as moisturising and providing an SPF, VitaZing also has a sheer tint release giving you a touch of colour – meaning you could wear this instead of foundation, or underneath as a primer. For me though this “sheer tint” makes my pale skin look incredibly orange – like I’ve put on a foundation 3 shades too dark. The first time I tried it, as soon as I applied it to my face I thought “uh oh, this is far too dark for me” which is crazy considering it’s only supposed to have a sheer tint to it. I think it might be a different story if your face is more tanned to begin with, but for me my face does not like it at all.

One thing I would agree with though is that it leaves you with an energised glow....if by energised you mean shiny and orange.

Origins is a brand that I generally have a great experience with (in fact, some of my current skincare faves are Origins products), so I feel quite bad writing an overly negative review but I always want to be completely honest on here so if I haven’t liked something then I’m not going to sugar coat it. I did think that I maybe just had a one-off bad experience with it so a month later I tried again but had the exact same result – a shiny, greasy, orange face. So I’m sorry VitaZing, but we will never be friends – goodbye!

*If you’re one of the many VitaZing fans – firstly, I hope this review didn’t offend you ;) – and secondly, if you’d like to take this tube off my hands (it’s about 90% full as I’ve only used it twice) then I’d happily sell it to you for £15 (free P&P – was £27 RRP), just give me a shout in the comments below!*

Holiday Planning: Germany

Sunday, 12 May 2013

This post is a bit of a plea for information.....  Basically my boyfriend and I are trying to plan a holiday for mid September and we are hoping to visit Germany for a week, taking in 3 cities in 7 days.  So far we've nailed down the following plan:

  • Fly from Edinburgh to Berlin
  • Stay in Berlin for 2 nights
  • Get the train from Berlin to Munich
  • Stay in Munich for 3 nights
  • Get the train from Munich to Frankfurt
  • Stay in Frankfurt for 2 nights
  • Fly from Frankfurt to Edinburgh

I've got as far as pricing up all the travel as best I can (like over here the trains can only be booked like 6 weeks in advance so I've had to do some educated guesswork!) and worked out that for accommodation we're looking to spend a max of £79 per night (i.e. £39.50 per person per night) - so specific eh?!  

So here comes the plea.....if you've visited Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt before (or even better, you live there!) then please fire me any recommendations for places to stay* or places to eat/drink, things to do, must-see attractions etc.  We will be super grateful for any suggestions as I'm getting a bit tired of trawling Tripadvisor!

*hotels, apartments (including Airbnb) and hostels (but only if they offer private rooms....we aint staying in no dorm!)

I'm so excited at the prospect of us going on a wee German adventure - we've never actually been away on holiday together for longer than 4 nights so this will be a proper treat.  Also I've never done a travelling holiday like this where you visit more than one place (apart from cruises, but it doesn't really count as you don't actually stay overnight in the cities) so it will be so cool getting to experience 3 different places on the one trip.

Thanks a million in advance to anyone who has suggestions for us! :)

Instagram Style Me May Challenge

Saturday, 11 May 2013
My lovely friend Sophie alerted me to this style challenge doing the rounds on Instagram -  I keep meaning to join in monthly challenges like this (you know the ones...."Day 2 - what I'm eating.....Day 3 - what's in my bag" etc) but only seem to remember when like half of the month has already passed.  For this Style Me May challenge I joined in on the 6th so I only missed the first 5 days which isn't too bad.  I'm not sure if I'm going to join in every day, but I'll give it a good go!

If you haven't already seen the tags being passed around on Instagram I've pasted them below.  Basically the idea is that you wear/do something that ties into that days tag.  For example, on the 6th the tag was "The Pink Ladies" so I wore a pink dress.  


I've posted a few of my entries so far below, although I'll do a longer post at the end of the month with all of my outfits (which will replace my usual "What I Wore This Month" feature).  Leave me a link in the comments if you're also taking part, or follow me on Instagram and I'll follow you back to check out your outfits :)

#6 - the pink ladies


#7 - spring flowers

#10 - steal of a deal

Recipe: Pastry Pizzas & Herby Roast Potatoes

Thursday, 9 May 2013
Today's post is a quick, cheap and easy dinner recipe for pastry pizzas.  I made this the other night after searching through my fairly empty cupboards and fridge and finding all I had was some pastry, cheapo cheese slices, a few rashers of bacon, some potatoes and the remains of a tube of tomato puree.  I managed to chuck everything together into what turned out to be a pretty tasty meal though so thought I'd share it on here in case you every find youself in a similar old mother hubbard / bare cupboards situation.

Puff pastry as a pizza base
Puff pastry bacon pizzas with herby roast potatoes

Ingredients (serves 2)

Puff pastry
Cheese slices
Tomato Puree


1) Cut up the potatoes into fairly small chunks (or if you're using baby new potatoes don't bother chopping them at all) and add to a pan of boiling water.  Leave to simmer for 15 minutes.

2) Roll out the pastry and cut into 2 equal portions.  Spray a baking tray with low-cal cooking spray before adding the pastry.

3) Spread a teaspoon of tomato puree on each pastry square and sprinkle with some herbs (I used dried basil).

4) Chop up a couple of rashers of bacon and fry in a pan until cooked how you like.

5) Rip up a couple of cheese slices and place on the pastry so it looks a bit like a pizza.  Then sprinkle the bacon on the top.

6)  Drain the potatoes and put back in the pot with a tablespoon of butter.  Stir until melted and then add some herbs (again, I used dried basil).  Pour the potatoes into a roasting tin and put in the oven along with the pastry pizzas.

7) Cook at 200C for about 20-25 minutes (check after ~15 mins) and then providing the pastry looks ready you can serve!

Puff pastry bacon pizzas with herby roast potatoes

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INAA Awards Evening

Tuesday, 7 May 2013
gillian, louise & me - photo taken by morag
cheeky wee Burger King on the (empty) train home

Last week I attended an event through in Glasgow for the INAA Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards (or #SHABA*).  The award ceremony itself doesn't take place until the end of May, but this event was an opportunity for bloggers to meet with some of the sponsors and to get a sneak peek at the potential finalists list (my lips are sealed!).  

The event took place at Apartment 29, a private members club at Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow.  After getting changed at work I got the train through (which was delayed so I ended up being 10 minutes late...thanks Scotrail) and, after getting slightly lost wandering around the square, eventually rocked up to the venue.  As I entered the room I was handed a Belvedere long vodka - which made a nice change from the usual Prosecco (although I do love me some Prosecco) - then I took a seat and had a wee catch up with my fave blogger babes before the ladies from INAA came out to give us a little presentation about the awards.

INAA (or I Need an Appointment) is a website where you can book salon appointments online - a simple and stress free alternative to calling around different salons trying to find availability.  As someone who isn't a big fan of phoning up places for appointments (don't ask why because I don't really know!) this site is ideal.  

The INAA Awards are now in their 3rd year, and celebrate the best in Scottish hair and beauty with awards such as Best Beauty Salon, Expert Colourist, and Best Nail Bar.  Among the sponsors this year are GHD, Bumble & Bumble, and BareMinerals, and representatives from these brands were there on the night to give demos and chat to us about their products.  One of the guests was Lauren Goodger (from TOWIE) who was there to represent her Lauren's Way tanning range who are also one of the sponsors of the awards - as I'm a sad reality TV geek it was quite exciting seeing Lauren there - I made sure I got a photo with her (so sad...)!

The finalists for the awards should be announced soon, and then the winners will be decided at the awards ceremony on the 26th of May.  Good luck to my hair salon Medusa, as I know they were putting forward a few names (including my hairdresser Jill) this year so fingers crossed they pick up some awards!

Thanks to INAA for putting on a great night!

*I defy anyone to not think of Shaggy when they read that.

Photos 4, 5, 9, & 10 borrowed from the INAA Facebook page.