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Friday, 19 April 2013
I'm a bit late to the party with this post, so if you follow a lot of other Scottish bloggers you've probably already seen several other write ups of this event so apologies!  

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited along to Zen Lifestyle at Teviot Place where they were hosting a bloggers & press night.  The salon has recently been refurbished, so this was a chance for us to have a look around the new rooms and hear more about the treatments on offer.  

I took a few pictures on my phone on the night although they aren't the best quality so probably don't do the place justice.  The salon is really lovely - it's modern, clean and bright and the treatment rooms all have mood lighting, comfy beds, lots of candles (that smelled lush) and even personalised playlists.  One thing that also really impressed me was that they have these tablets in the room with lots of before/after photos on there so you can get a good idea of the effects of the treatment you are going for.

We were also given the opportunity to try some complimentary treatments - those on offer included Shellac nails, Blink & Go Lashes, and HD Brows.  I've never really been for a beauty treatment at a salon before so was a bit nervous as to what it would be like, so I didn't book anything and just watched other people get treatments instead.  I ended up feeling pretty jealous though so I really wish I'd just been brave and booked something!

The HD Brows in particular looked amazing - it's funny, for some reason I had this image in my head of HD Brows giving you really massive dark Scouse brows, but it's not like that at all.  In fact the day before I went along to Zen I read a post on Kirsty's blog about getting HD Brows done and I was really surprised by how natural they looked, although by that point I was too late to get an appointment for the event.  I think I am definitely going to treat myself and book an appointment (probably at their Hanover Street salon as it's handily directly opposite my office!) soon - I've got a hen weekend in London at the end of May so probably just before then.

It was great fun getting shown round the salon and seeing all the treatments in action - I'm definitely one of those people who likes to know EXACTLY what is going to happen when I do something out of my comfort zone (I've been for a massage once and spent the days before reading about what happens at a massage!) so this was ideal for me, and put my mind at ease about going to a salon in the future.  All the beauticians were really friendly and knowledgable and were happy to answer any of our questions.  

It was also a great opportunity to see some of my favourite blogger ladies again and have a catch up over a few glasses of Prosecco!  There seem to be quite a lot of blogger events happening in Scotland these days so we're starting to see each other quite regularly which is really nice!

We also came away with a cool wee goodie bag with some Murad skincare and a sweet smelling Arran Aromatics candle in it.  I'd never used any Murad products before but I've been using the Refreshing Cleanser for about a week or so and I really like it so far!


  1. It was lovely to see you at the event! :) the salon was lovely - the rooms were gorgeous & i'd love to try a treatment there :)
    hopefully see you at another event ? :)

    1. Good to see you too (in the distance, haha!) - will hopefully speak to you at the next one, I always end up missing half of the bloggers at these things! x

  2. It was lovely to meet you, even if we didn't get to chat for long x

    1. You too! Always good to meet other Scottish bloggers :) x