Spring Wedding Inspiration

Thursday, 4 April 2013
I should probably start by clarifying that I'm talking about outfits for a spring wedding....I'm not planning a spring wedding of my own (mum you can stop hyper-ventilating).

This coming Sunday I'm off to a wedding reception of a friend from work and I seem to have dropped the ball a bit on the outfit planning side of things, in that I don't have one yet!  I've got a busy week ahead too with work, a blogger event and a trip to Sunderland, so I'm probably not going to get a chance to go shopping in town which leads me to my old friend online shopping.  

I do love a good wishlist post so I thought I'd pick out some of my favourites from my search today.  I've ordered a couple of things so fingers crossed I find something that works!
Beautysets - Spring Wedding Outfit Inspiration

Items featured

floral dress - dorothy perkins
aqua dress - dorothy perkins
pink lace dress - new look
ombre dress - asos
necklace - dorothy perkins
clutch - dorothy perkins


  1. I love the clutch! In my wardrobe I have lovely dresses which I've bought for weddings which I'm yet to be invited to! haha!

    The ombre dress is lovely too!

    Jen xx

  2. The floral and the aqua would be my top two choices!

    Lauren x

  3. Love the floral dress and that clutch is gorgeous. Spring weddings are so difficult to dress for as you can never rely on the weather! Hope your online shopping is successful :-) xx

  4. Oh I love these, i love the aqua one - can imagine it looking lovely with a tan in summer as well! x

  5. Ahh thanks for this post! I have a wedding albeit in summer but no idea what to wear, hadn't thought of DP so I'll need to keep an eye out! xx