Recipe: Chocolate Pretzel Traybake

Sunday, 21 April 2013
Chocolate pretzel traybake recipe

Fancy a super high calorie chocolate treat?  May I introduce you to my latest creation....Chocolate Pretzel Traybake!

I made these by adapting a recipe from Sarah at amilliondresses.  If you aren't already following Sarah's blog then you should be - she does an amazing Sunday Sweets series with yummy looking cake recipes - everytime I read her blog I want to bake!

Anyway, I'd bookmarked her Easter Rocky Road recipe a few weeks ago and when I was doing an online Tesco order this week I decided to pick up the ingredients so I could do some baking at the weekend.  As Easter is over I had to adapt the recipe slightly due to a lack of mini eggs and bunnies, and after browsing the bagged chocolate section I thought it would be fun to try adding chocolate covered pretzels into the mix, and so my Chocolate Pretzel Traybake was born!


chocolate pretzel traybake recipe ingredients

400g digestive biscuits
200g dark chocolate
50g milk chocolate
2tbsp golden syrup
2tbsp cocoa powder
200g butter/margarine
1 bag chocolate pretzels
sprinkles to decorate


Firstly, crush the digestive biscuits.  I did this using the end of a rolling pin in a bowl, but I tend to find it easier when I put all the biscuits in a sandwich/freezer bag and whack it about and crush with my hands.  


I gave up at this point - they don't need to be completely crushed, just as long as there aren't any massive lumps it's fine.


Next, add the pretzels and crush them up a bit.  I just gave each one a jab with the end of the rolling pin so they broke into a few pieces.  You want to them fairly intact, or you'll lose the 'pretzel-ness'! Stir in the cocoa powder and set aside for now.



Place the butter and golden syrup into a pan and melt over a low heat.


Break the chocolate into small pieces and add to the melted butter/syrup mixture.  Stir continuously until the chocolate is all melted.



Pour the chocolate mixture into the bowl with the biscuit mixture and stir until they are both mixed together.


Line a shallow square tin (I used cling film) and then spoon in the mixture and smooth down with a spoon.  


Add some sprinkles to decorate, and then mark with a knife to make it a bit easier to cut once set.  Now place in the fridge for about an hour or so, and once set slice into 8 or 16 pieces and enjoy!

chocolate pretzel traybake recipe

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  1. This looks so good! I love pretzels and they go with chocolate so well! x

  2. Ooh this looks amazing, I'm going to have to try this one. They look super yummy!
    Kloe xx

  3. Yum this looks amazing, I'm addicted to chocolate covered pretzels at the moment :)

  4. NO! this looks too good, please remove this post before I make it and eat it all lol