OOTD: Wedding Reception

Saturday, 27 April 2013
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was looking for an outfit to wear to a wedding reception.  Well I did then mean to put up an outfit post a few days afterwards but completely forgot - so here it is, albeit a bit late! 

I did order 2 dresses from my wedding outfit wishlist post - the mint and floral ones from Dorothy Perkins - but both felt a bit too formal for a reception (and were a tad too long for a shorty like me, they just made me look frumpy!).  So in the end I went with a dress from my wardrobe, jazzed up with some new accessories.  I'm glad I didn't go all out fancy as most people were dressed along the same lines as me, so I would have felt a bit silly in a mid length formal frock!

The dress I wore was the denim floral one from Primark that I've raved about before.  I accessorised this with some nude pink flats with studded straps, and a matching belt and bag (all Primark).  I also bought a gorgeous collar from Miss Selfridge which I wore with the dress - this looks soooo pretty on, but I do find it scratches my neck a bit so I ended up taking it off about halfway through the night! 

I also took my Primark cream lace cardigan with me in case I got chilly.

The photos are a bit rubbish I'm afraid!  I was running late so just quickly snapped some on my phone before I left, and didn't really properly look at them to check if they ok - so they are a bit blurry :(

Primark Denim Floral Dress Outfit

Miss Selfridge Lace Collar

Face of the Day

White I Heart The Bridge Badge
loved this badge on the groom!


  1. This is such a lovely outfit. Really like the dress and the shoes. Unfortunately my feet are too awkwardly sized to buy shoes from Primark. Too big for a 7 and too small for an 8 :( x

  2. aww i love the print on this dress!

    hannah xx