My Jewellery Collection: Rings

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I had an idea a while back of doing a post on my jewellery collection and finally got round to taking photos this weekend but quickly realised that I've got so much stuff that it was too much for one post so I'm going to break it up into categories.

First up is my ring collection.  I store my rings on a cute little tea plate on top of my chest of drawers.  I got the idea after seeing a post on Charlene's blog - I previously had them all in little pockets in a hanging organiser in my wardrobe but this is a much better way of storing them as I can see everything at once.  I've found that I actually wear rings more often now that they are on my chest of drawers as it's right next to my makeup so when I'm getting ready in the morning I tend to have a little look through to find a ring to match my outfit.  I've picked out a couple of my most worn rings below.

flower cluster ring - avon
I got this ring from my mum for my birthday a few weeks ago but I've had it on loads since then.  It's quite chunky but without being too obtrusive so I can wear it at work without it getting on my nerves.

scrabble tile ring - living in la la land
I picked this up when I was in Glasgow for my birthday - I've been wanting a scrabble tile ring for ages so I was so chuffed to find this!

owl ring - accessorize
I've had this one for a few years now, after buying it in the Accessorize sale when I was in York for new year in 2010.  It's starting to fade a bit as I've worn it so much, but I still really like it.

skull ring - primark
This was in a set of rings I got a few months back in Primark although this is probably my most worn out of the set.  I'm moving towards smaller rings like this recently as it's a nice change from the usual big chunky rings.

cream flower ring - h&m
I've had this for a few years too and it's a nice summery ring that I tend to wear with my floral dresses.

moustache ring - river island

Ahh my moustache ring - this was probably my most worn jewellery item last year, I wore it to almost every night out ha!

rose gold ring - primark
This is my newest addition to my ring collection - it's a rose gold colour but the sparkles seem to have loads of colours through them, it's like a little rainbow.


I can't actually remember where I got this ring, it could be Primark or maybe Dorothy Perkins...who knows! I got this a few years back to wear as part of a Christmas party outfit.  It's absolutely massive so I don't wear it that often, but I really like it if I'm looking for a proper statement piece.  It would also come in handy if I got myself into a fight....could take someone's eye out!  (obviously joking....I'm far too much of a wuss for that nonsense).

So that's a little insight into some of my favourite or most worn rings in my collection.  Next up I'll share my necklace collection, so keep an eye out for that soon.


  1. Great collection! I've been wanting a Scrabble piece ring for the longest!(:


  2. Instantly drawn to the purple love you candy ring xx