Extracts #3 : Crush

Thursday, 25 April 2013

 Hello!  I thought it was about time I did another old diaries post so had a wee read through some of them at the weekend to try pick out some gems for the blog.  This time I've gone with the theme of "my bad taste in men".  My diaries are probably about 80% full of chat about boys I fancied, it's pretty embarrassing really.  This post is definitely the most cringeworthy one I've done so far, I actually almost didn't publish it but I thought ah what the hell!  

Over the years I have had a lot of crushes.....many of which were entirely inappropriate (teachers, boys several years younger than me, my friends brothers, my friends exes etc etc), so I've picked a selection of entries that highlight my appalling taste.  Honestly I sound like SUCH a loser in a lot of these, it's a wonder how I ever actually managed to find a boyfriend.

Age 14

Ideas for distracting [teacher I fancied] in maths:

1) Buy an interesting pencil case that will draw attention
2) Bring up funny stories when he is nearby
3) Wear 'interesting' clothes

Actually, scrap that last idea, I don't want that much attention!

Such. a. fucking. weirdo.

Age 15

Not a lots happened since I last wrote, but I like 2 new people!  J from my chemistry class who lives next door to [friend]'s auntys house.  He's quite quiet but really nice.  Also, J who's also a 6th year.  You know who I mean "annoying J from modern studies" looks like Tommy from the Rugrats (great reference) who I "really don't like"!  It's worth pointing out here that I have ABSOLUTELY NO MEMORY of this person at all....like literally could not pick him out of a line up.  I know, I'm a hypocrite but he is really good looking and [friend] says he's a nice person too (he lives in her street and she went camping with him).  I haven't told them bout J yet cos its funny pretending I hate him!

Speaking of J's...Nik (sister) fancies someone called J, judging by her past objects of affection I bet he's blond, minging and a little shit.  She's no taste!  (hahahahah, amazing)

Anyway, back to me.  I don't speak to B any more, but it's no big loss we were never "best buds" anyway.  S and me are getting on though.  We speak to each other at school and I always get a smile.  Don't think I fancy him any more but I like being mates.

I told my people bout my I thing (which by the way is so over!).  V didn't realise he was a 3rd year, she thought he was 4th year (right, 3rd year makes him like 13....I was almost 16 at this point).  They didn't laugh though but that's cos I told them if they did they'd have to pay me!

Gotta go!

Lynne x

The moral of this story is that it would seem that literally every man/boy I came across joined my fancy list.  13 year olds included.  No discrimination here!

And finally, it wasn't just real life boys I was a'crushin' on - celebs made the cut too...as expressed in this little top 10 list from the year 2000 (age 15).

You can tell that I watched a lot of American teen dramas....Buffy, Roswell, Dawsons Creek....and listened to a lot of pop music (with 3 members of Westlife making the cut, and Noel from Hearsay - ha!).  I still stand by a lot of this list by the way - hey Freddie Prinze, call me!  Although I have to say I'm more of a Dec girl these days, sorry Ant.


  1. I'm so glad you did publish this, so funny! You're definitely not alone on fancying tons of different boys - going by my old diaries I seemed to change my mind every few days. I also regularly declared that "I think I'm actually in love with" whichever random boy was my current crush, so cringe! xx

    1. Yeah totally - I was always "in love" with people, and would change my mind constantly - such fickle beings! x

  2. Oh my god this is so funny! Me and a friend were reading her old diaries. 'Hayley has started going out with Chris(FATTY).' Thanks, real friend :') x

  3. I fancied the same guy for most of the time I was at school and my diaries were pretty much a memoir to him hahahahaha.

    Love that you listed "buy an interesting pencil case" as a way to distract your teacher. I used to have an array of fun pens when I was in 4th year and when I had a class with the boy I mentioned above I'd consider which pen would make him notice me more (and fall in love OBVS).

    1. Haha I know, I'm not actually sure what an "interesting pencil case" would even be....or how that would make him fall in love with me. It made sense at the time! x

  4. Lol, this brilliant!
    I used to have a massive crush on Shane from Westlife too.
    Claire x

  5. I used to fancy Jamie Theakstone from Live & Kicking... so your Noel from Hearsay crush is completely fine! haha!

    Jen xx