What I Wore in February

Sunday, 3 March 2013
I was pretty disciplined this month and managed to remember to take quite a few outfit photos before leaving for work in the morning (on the days I wasn't rushing for a bus anyway!).  I don't quite have one for every day but there's a fair few to share, so it's at least an improvement on January!

New ASOS curve ballet wrap dress

going out outfit (I wore this to 2 nights out this month - no imagination!)

Primark denim dress dressed up.....

Primark denim dress dressed down....

Christmas jumper in Feb, yep still cool!

One of my favourite dresses - and it was from ebay like 3 years ago

Unsurpisingly, another Primark dress

Primark jumper over a Primark dress (really need to start shopping elsewhere)

Primark jumper over the ebay dress from earlier

Another all Primark ensemble (necklace is River Island)

My latest Primark buys - charcoal studded jumper and mint necklace

Black and gold - dress is River Island and studded shoulder cardi is Primark

Mint dress is H&M and jumper is Primark

Right I definitely need to start shopping in places other than Primark because it's getting a bit ridiculous, I'm like a walking advert for them!


  1. Love your lace jacket :)

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    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  2. I just found your blog, and your outfit posts are amazing. Lovely blog and style xx

  3. I really love your style! And hey, if primark is selling beautiful things fairly cheap then why not shop there!

    Lauren x

  4. aw I love the colour of the first dress!

    Hannah xx


  5. Love those outfits esp the 1st dress. I nearly bought that crochet cardigan in Primark but did not bother as I have just so many cream cardigans x

  6. Love them all, though I especially like the second one and the Primark studded cardigan :-)