Twenty Eight

Monday, 11 March 2013
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Today I turn the grand old age of 28.  This means it was a whole 10 YEARS AGO that I turned 18.  I refuse to believe that that can possibly be right....surely my 18th was only like a couple of years ago, 5 at most?  No??

In honour of me turning 28 23 I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast what I did for this birthday, which what I did on my 18th birthday.  Cue more photos from the archives!

My 18th Birthday

at school drinking Smirnoff Ice from a nudie man mug (the pants disappear when the contents are hot) - and partying it up in an old man pub in my wee "18" badge
The date is March 11th 2003, Christina Aguilera's Beautiful is #1 in the charts, Chris Evans has just launched his new TV show Boys and Girls, fast food joints in the USA are renaming their chips "Freedom Fries" due to some beef with France and little Lynney G from Port Seton has just turned 18.  

As it was a Tuesday I spent most of the day in school.  Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but during my 6th year (i.e. final year) at High School I pretty much did nothing - I somehow got away with only taking 2 SUBJECTS (to this day I'm still not sure how I managed this): Advanced Higher Maths which was about 5 hours a week, and Higher Psychology (which took place outside of school at a local college one afternoon a week).  So as you can imagine, that adds up to very few hours of class time meaning that I had a lot of "study time" where I would basically hang out in the dining hall (which was the equivalent of our common room) doing "homework" and playing card games all day.  It was a blast!  

On this day in particular I did even less work than usual as my friends had the genius idea of buying me a pack of Smirnoff Ice as a birthday present and encouraging me to drink it right there and then.  This lead to me having to go home at lunchtime as I was too pissed tipsy to do any work. I was going to say "these days you wouldn't get away with that" but actually, in THOSE DAYS you wouldn't have got away with that so again, I have no idea how I didn't get into any trouble.

That night me and 3 of my best friends (the ones with fake IDs as I was one of the first in our year to turn 18) went to nearby Musselburgh on a little pub crawl.  Now given that this was a week night, and Musselburgh isn't exactly a big place, this basically meant we went from half empty old man pub to half empty old man pub drinking vodka & orange and looking very out of place.  We had a great laugh though, of what I remember.

 My 28th Birthday

matchy denim twins

So here we are on March 11th 2013.  Justin Timberlake is at #1 in the charts (what is this, 2003?!), Ant & Dec have just brought back Saturday Night Takeaway, fast food is in the news again, this time due to the horse meat scandal, and not so little Lynney G from Granton has just turned 28.  

I woke up this morning in a comfy bed with B in the Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow, as last night we went to see GIRLS A-FUCKING-LOUD at the SECC!!  It was amazing.  I'd never seen them live before, despite being a fan from the beginning - so as soon as they announced their comeback tour I was like "I am so there".  B, the star that he is, got us tickets for the night before my birthday as my present, so we headed through to Glasgow on Sunday afternoon, went for a wee adventure in the west end (post coming soon) before checking in at the hotel, getting ready, and then walking the whole 2 minutes to the venue (slipping about on the snow like bambi).  

The concert was absolutely amazing - they covered all the hits from their 10 years in pop, my favourite bits being Sound of the Underground, Call The Shots and Biology.  I had such a good time, I actually almost cried when they first came out - I totally welled up as Sound of the Underground started playing and they appeared above the stage.....such. a. loser.

Today we continued the birthday celebrations and after breakfast at the hotel we packed up and got the bus home.  We'd originally planned a trip to the zoo (I wanted to finally see the pandas) but the snow ( MARCH!) put the end to that plan so instead we just went for lunch in town at one of our favourites, Cafe Andaluz.

Tonight we're meeting my parents for a birthday dinner at Prezzo (more food!  I can safely say this has been a weekend "off diet") and then tomorrow I'm back in the office, where the average age will be ever so slightly higher than it was on Friday.


  1. At least you get a present dropped off at work by your awesome little sister tomorrow :P

    1. Oooh yeah I forgot about that, yaaay! :) x

  2. Well if it's any consolation you look better at 28 than you did at 18!! Happy Birthday xx

  3. Happy Birthday! Lucky you getting to see Girl's Aloud, I bet it was amazing! Such a fun idea to look aback at your 18th!

    Lauren x

  4. Hope you had a lovely "23rd" I'm starting to count backwards these days too :P
    I love the photos from your 18th love a good blast from the past!! x

  5. happy happy birthday! I myself turn 28 this year too and I was just thinking the other day that I was just 18 and it seems like it was yesterday, but no 28 for me is a scary age because only 2 more and the big 30!! Well again Happy Happy birthday and many many more!