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Monday, 18 March 2013
I've been meaning to write this post for ages but just hadn't gotten round to it.  A month or so ago I went onto the Origins website to buy a new cleanser and ended up coming away with another 2 products and a whole load of testers so I thought it called for a haul post!

Can you believe how much free stuff I got with the order?  Basically everything apart from the 3 big bottles at the top was a freebie - you normally get 2 samples per order so I'm not sure if I got more because I spent over a certain amount, or if they were running some sort of special offer, or if I just got lucky - either way, I'm not complaining!

Origins Buys

My REN Clay Cleanser ran out recently and rather than replace it again I thought I'd try something different. Origins is one of my favourite skincare brands so I went onto their site, checked out the cleanser section and started Googling reviews.  I decided to try Clean Energy as the reviews were good and I've used small samples of oil based cleansers before (like Shu Uemura) and quite liked it.  I also heeded the advice in the reviews I read and bought the pump to go with it (an extra £1) - no spillage for me!

I've been using this twice a day for a few weeks now and I'm enjoying it so far.  It leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and has a lovely fresh & clean scent to it.  I haven't really noticed any improvement in my skin condition yet though as I'm still getting quite a lot of blemishes, but I rarely see a change right away when I switch up my routine anyway so I'll keep going with it.  Once I've finished like half the bottle I'll probably write a full review.

Origins VitaZing - £27.00

This is probably an unpopular opinion since this seems to be a much raved about product in the beauty blogging scene but I'm not that impressed by this!  I've only used it once so not really enough to give a proper review, but the time I used it I felt like it left my skin looking orange!  Also it didn't sink in that well so I was left with a residue - a bit like when you put sun cream on and you have that horrible oily/sticky feeling.

I'm going to give it another go though and will write a proper review in a few weeks - I'm hoping I was just having a weird skin day when I tried it as otherwise I'll be a bit annoyed that I spent nearly £30 on something I can't use.

I'm always on the lookout for new foundations to try and pretty much added this to my basket on a whim.  I went for the lightest shade they had but I still feel like it's a touch too dark for me - once we get into summer though it should match better.  I feel like it's quite a similar formula to Double Wear Light and the coverage is fairly similar too - quite light but buildable.  Again I'll give this a proper go before I write a review, but on first impressions it's pretty nice but I wouldn't rave about it (wish the colour match was better).

The Samples

This is a "frothy face wash" and is one of my favourite Origins cleansers.  Every time I order something from them I always seem to get a wee sample bottle of this, and it's the perfect size for taking travelling.  The cleanser has a weird texture - it's a bit like a creamy mousse/foam - I've never used anything like it!  It's nice and gentle on my face though and I like how soft it leaves my skin.

This is an exfoliator and is another one that I've had as a sample previously, so I've now got 2 bottles.  It's a very gentle exfoliator and feels a bit like it's made of oatmeal or something (reminds me of a Lush scrub I had once that had bananas and oats in it).  It's also got a very "foody" smell which I'm not that keen on - I feel a bit like I'm rubbing a bowl of muesli into my face!  It does leave my skin feeling really smooth and looking bright and radiant though, so I think I just need to get over the smell!

I already have the regular Drink Up mask and I love it - it always leave my skin feeling amazingly soft and moisturised and it's ideal to use after a clay mask on a pamper day.  This is basically the same thing but more intensive, and is designed to be used overnight.  Looking forward to giving this a try.

Eye cream is something that I pretty much never use but now that I'm getting that bit older I know I probably should introduce an eye cream into my routine.  I had two eye samples in my order - GinZings which is a refreshing/brightening cream and Plantscription which is an anti-ageing treatment.  Will give these both a go and see if it makes any difference to my dark circles.

The final samples were another 2 from the Plantscription range - the anti-ageing eye cream and the anti-ageing face cream (luckily my skin is wrinkle free at the moment but it can't hurt to use this stuff now!) - and Dr Weil Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum (I've got quite a lot of redness on my cheeks so looking forward to trying this).

Do you like Origins skincare?  What are your favourite products of theirs?

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