Oil Me Up Baby

Saturday, 23 March 2013
I was feeling a bit sorry for myself on Thursday night so decided to have a wee midweek pamper session.  I realised afterwards that a lot of the products I used were oil based so thought it was a good excuse for a cheeky blog post title.  It's also a good way of getting some mini reviews up on here as I do tend to find full reviews really dull to write (I normally feel like I can sum up my thoughts in a few lines and the rest is just padding). 

So here's how the pampering went...


I started off with a VO5 Hot Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment as I'd found a stray capsule when cleaning out my drawers the other day.  This is a pre shampoo treatment so after heating it up under hot water I applied it to my wet hair and left on for a few minutes.  After rinsing this off I washed my hair with Joico Colour Endure shampoo.  Next up was the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner which contains cocoa nut oil and avocado oil.  This smells like cocoa butter and feels like a proper treat for your hair as it's so thick and creamy.

After rinsing off the conditioner I tried out my new shower comb that my mum got me for my birthday.  Unfortunately this was a bit of a disaster and basically pulled my tugs down the ends of my hair, turning it into a big huge knot!  I then had to work it out with a tangle teaser....not great!

Once out the shower I towel dried my hair and then applied Avon Moroccan Argan Oil to the mid lengths and ends before blow drying.  This isn't the greatest hair oil I've tried but it does leave my hair feeling pretty soft so I keep using it even though I don't feel like it's doing much for the condition of my hair.  I've been thinking about buying the original Moroccanoil for ages but have been put off by the price - I think I need to just bite the bullet and buy it though!


When in the shower I used my current favourite shower gel - The Little Bubble Co in Strawberry Sundae - this smells incredible, like campino sweets in liquid form!  It's really good value too, the bottle is huge (was only £2.99 for 500ml) and is going to last me for ages.

Once out of the shower I used the new Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil.  This is a recent purchase and it was the first time I'd  tried it.  I'm normally really lazy when it comes to body moisturisers as I hate waiting around for it to dry (or having horrible sticky skin) but I've been getting quite dry skin recently so I thought it was about time I added a body moisturiser to my routine.  This oil spray is ideal for lazy sods like me as it's a fine spray that needs minimal effort and dries in pretty quickly.  It also smells lovely - it has a sort of floral scent that really reminds me of my mum for some reason, it must smell similar to a perfume of hers!


I'm having a bit of a breakout on my chin this week so I slapped on my trusty Origins charcoal mask before jumping in the shower.  Once this was ready to come off I removed it with a wet muslin cloth and then cleansed with my new Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil.  This has a lovely citrus scent and leaves my skin looking and feeling really fresh.  

Back in the bedroom I used the Origins Zero Oil Toner, sweeping it across my face on a cotton pad, followed by the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which I've just started using this week.  I'm not sure if this has been the trigger for my breakout this week but I'm going to keep going with it as I've heard such good things about it.

Once this had sunk in I applied the Origins Make a Difference+ Treatment which is my current favourite moisturiser/treatment.   This has a really nice gel like consistency that feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin.  It soaks in really quickly and leaves my skin smooth and soft with an evened out looking complexion.

To finish off I used the Origins GinZing eye cream sample on my under eyes and dotted some Origins Spot Remover on my chin blemishes for some overnight spot fighting.

What are your favourite treatments for a pamper sesh?

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  1. sounds fab! Some times there's nothing better than treating yourself to a pamper session!

    Hannah xx