Life Update: February

Friday, 1 March 2013
my first mug cake | new brushes | museum fun | pancakes | castle meeting | valentines | weekend breakfast | coconut cocktails | new bedding | blogger party | origins haul

This month I.... 

  • had a day out at the national museum of Scotland (post coming soon)
  • made amazing chocolate pancakes (tweaking Gillian's banana pancake recipe)
  • finally got my hair re-highlighted (bye bye roots!)
  • went to the Scottish Bloggers Valentines Party and did "speed dating" with lots of lovely blogger girlies
  • enjoyed a night out with friends - drinking cocktails out of coconuts

I've been watching....

  • Black Mirror 
  • The Walking Dead (the action so far has been amazing this series)
  • Dexter series 7  (so glad it's back!)
  • My Mad Fat Diary (the ads made this look like it was going to be shit but it was actually brilliant)

 I've been listening to....

  • Demi Lovato's album from 2011, Unbroken (sooo good)
  • Reliving my late teens/early 20's with the Christina Aguilera Stripped album

I've been reading....
  • No change from last month really - still on A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin
  • Also still not finished The Hell of it all by Charlie Brooker (it's not been a good month for reading!)

Blog stats fun

My most viewed posts this month were:

And finally, the strangest search terms used to find my blog this month were "what does keremy in peep show shred at christmas dinner", "making meatballs gloves" (glad I'm clearly not the only one who does this!) and "911 pissed on smtv live" (unfortuntely there is no footage of this on my blog....I wish there was!).

How was your February?  March is my birthday month and I've got lots planned including an overnight in Glasgow, Girls Aloud concert, and a few nights out with friends, so I'm looking forward to it!


  1. I love that Demi Lovato album! Your coconut cocktail sounds divine!


  2. Sounds like youve been having such a lovely month and I love the books youre reading

    A little bit Unique