ASOS Dresses

Sunday, 24 March 2013
Another quick post from me today - it's not much of a "haul" but I really wanted to show you what I've been buying from ASOS recently as I absolutely love both of these dresses.  

ASOS - £22

ASOS - £28

The first is a cotton dress from River Island with a cool embroidered neckline that has a kind of aztec feel.  I bought it in a dark grey colour but it's also sold in beige (wasn't sure the beige would be that flattering with my skintone so that's why I chose the grey).

The second is a gorgeous ombre dress in a pretty pink colour with a floral pocket detail.  I think this is quite versatile and I can see me pairing it with black tights, ankle boots and a black belt now (while it's still chilly) and then bare legs and flats or sandals (and maybe a floral headband) in the summer.

What have you been buying recently?


  1. I absolutely LOVE these dresses!!! I am really into pink ombre at the moment and the dress looks great with the floral pocket!

  2. I love that ombre dress, the colour pop on the printed pocket is just adorable! Both will look great for summer... if it ever arrives!! xx

  3. Such pretty dresses, I might have to pick one up myself (or mabye both lol)

  4. Love both the dresses, shame summer seems so far away right now!

  5. The River Island dress is loooovely :)
    I don't know if you saw on Twitter, but I tagged you to do The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag!