Adventures in Glasgow

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
As I mentioned in my last post, whilst through in Glasgow for my birthday at the weekend B and I went for a little adventure in the West End before we went to the Girls Aloud concert. 

I was recently asked by Peroni to review their new Vivi in Stile app, using the app to find a few places in Glasgow to go shop/eat/drink - how could I refuse?!  The app aims to bring you the latest and best in fashion, food and design with a touch of Italian style.  It contains articles and listings to help you discover the most stylish bars, restaurants and clubs, and uncover under-the-radar fashion and design in your city.  At the moment the app has content for 7 cities in the UK, including Bristol, London, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Despite living only an hours train journey away from Glasgow I don't really know the city that well and always struggle when thinking of places to go for dinner - so this app was a big help in planning my birthday trip.  We got the bus through to Glasgow at lunchtime on Sunday and once we arrived jumped in a taxi to the West End, armed with £100 from the lovely folks at Peroni, ready for a wee adventure!


First stop was Living in La La Land.  This is somewhere I'd definitely never have found without the app - it's located just off Cresswell Street in De Courcy's Arcade and is the sweetest little shop selling cute and kitsch clothing, jewellery and gifts.  I was tempted by a necklace with Ryan Goslings face on it, but in the end went for a beautiful lace one (which was a bargain at £5 in the sale) and a scrabble tile ring which I've been looking for for ages.  I'd definitely recommend popping in for a look next time you're in the area.

Next up we stopped off at Kember & Jones on the lookout for something sweet for eating in our hotel room later.  We both plumped for a slice of a delicious looking triple chocolate cake - they were HUGE and the cake was absolutely amazing, although we probably should have just shared 1 as I felt a bit sick afterwards.


Our wee tour of the west end finished at Tony Macaroni's where we'd booked a table for an early dinner.  Despite it only being 3.30 in the afternoon I started off with a raspberry mojito (hey, it was almost my birthday).  For starters B went for mozzarella sticks whilst I chose the breaded mushrooms - both were pretty yummy, standard fried cheesy goodness.

For our mains B chose the rather interesting sounding Tirolese pizza which contained mozzarella (yep), italian sausage (yep) and french fries (ye....wait whAAt?!).  Yeah that's right , CHIPS.  On a pizza.  I went for the slightly less mental sounding Pollo a'Rosta which was a half chicken roasted with garlic, thyme and black pepper butter, corn on the cob and chips.  It was so good, although probably too much for one person - I was stuffed!  Neither of us had any room for pudding which was gutting as I had been looking forward to trying their yummy sounding ice cream time maybe!


After all that we still had some pounds in our wallet for a taxi to the hotel where we both went for a lie down after all that food, before getting dressed up and heading off to see Girls Aloud.  I really enjoyed our little afternoon in the West End, it was nice exploring an area of Glasgow I don't normally visit and to find out about some great little shops and restaurants that I hadn't heard of before.

If you're planning a trip to Glasgow soon I'd definitely recommend downloading the FREE app to discover some less well known places to visit.

Vivi in Stile can be downloaded at the links below:


  1. I had heard of La La Land before (though never ventured into the West End for a visit) but these two food places are brand new for me! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. MMM that cake looks amazing, I love kember and jones and toni macaroni, sounds like a perfect day to me, mozzarella sticks are immense! x

  3. What a great app, I'm terrible at finding places when away so that would be perfect!