You Go Glen Coco #3

Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Firstly, a big hello to all the new followers that have come through from Sprinkle of Glitter in the last few days and for your comments/tweets - you are a lovely lot aren't you?! 

Anyway speaking of lovelies, it's time for another round up of the blog posts I've been enjoying reading recently.

A Million Dresses blog

Sarah always makes the most amazing looking cakes, and this one was no exception.  I'm intrigued by the fact that it includes Guinness as that's definitely not something I would have thought of ever putting in a cake!  Funnily enough I actually have some cans of Guinness in the house that neither B or I will EVER drink (I bought it for this beef & guinness pie recipe) so I think I'll give the recipe a go soon - would be perfect for St Patricks Day which is coming up in a few weeks!

Jemma Eat World blog

As you may have guessed from the millions of tweets and blog reviews that have been springing up recently, Krispy Kreme have just opened their first Scottish store in Edinburgh (it took £66,000 in the first week - that is MENTAL!).  My real-life friend Jemma from Jemma Eat World was a lucky wee cow and got an invite to the launch night but as she is currently living the high life housesitting in France she sent our friend Euan along as her roving reporter instead.  The write up was as hilarious as ever - I especially enjoyed the part where he links out to a particularly scathing Tripadvisor review from his last stay at a dodgy Glasgow hotel.

Indigo Buttons blog

Indigo Buttons - E is for....Edinburgh!

Another Edinburgh themed post (what can I say, I love my city!).  I've only discovered Kirsty's blog fairly recently but it's quickly becoming one of my faves - I love the chatty writing style and her photography is great too.  I love reading about places in Edinburgh that people like to go (restaurants, bars, shops, museums etc) and get especially excited when I read about places I'd never heard of before - and I hadn't heard of most of the places Kirsty mentioned in this post so I've got more to add to my ever increasing "to visit" list!

It's a Kind of Lovely blog

It's a Kind of Lovely - Seriously?

Ahh I do love a good rant, and this one in particular was right on the money.  In brief, the post was inspired by a tweet from the TV show Daybreak asking whether girls flirting or being drunk can ever be to blame for sexual assault.  Now this sort of thing really riles me up - I can't quite believe that in this day and age we are still discussing this - no, of course women aren't to blame for rape in ANY circumstance.  Wearing revealing clothes or high heels, being under the influence of alcohol, flirting - none of these things mean a girl is "asking for it".  

Rather than wasting time discussing what women *shouldn't* do in order to "avoid" rape maybe more time and energy should be put into gender equality issues and changing attitudes about male/female interplay from the ground up - e.g. no it's not ok to still be saying to little girls that if a boy hits her in the playground then it means he likes her (and vice versa, it's not ok to let little boys get away with this), and while we're on the subject - boys and girls are never going to see themselves as "equal" if we're still pushing old fashioned ideas of "boys things" (blue, sports, fighting) vs "girls things" (pink, playing house, fragile) so if you could all stop with the everyday sexism that would be great (seriously, reading the @everydaysexism twitter feed makes me want to cry).

Anyway enough ranting from me - go and read these blog posts instead :)


  1. You got an invite too, Miss Thang! I seem to recall you being a right little gym bunny and not noticing! ;)

    1. Hahah true - a friend on twitter offered me their plus one but I was too busy in the gym and missed the invite until it was too late, oh well! Still not paid a visit yet, waiting until it calms down a bit - it still sounds mega busy every day! x

  2. poor show daybreak - will def be reading her article! x

  3. I love finding new blogs to read, they all look great :)

    Oh also, your layout is so so pretty, I love it! X

  4. Ahh, thanks love!! What a lovely surprise, made my day! I haven't been to Krispy Kreme yet but I'm kinda gagging to go. Whyyyyy is it drive through, though?? I cannae drive! Might wait in line anyway and just watch my step. Lots of other lovely blogs to check out too so will have a wee read :) xx

  5. SO glad Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter sent us all here :)
    I can't pull away from your writing, and thanks for the mention of new reads!

    Keep warm :)