What I Wore in January

Sunday, 3 February 2013
I'm still pretty rubbish at the whole taking "outfit of the day" pictures thing - really need to invest in a tripod so I don't have to make do with awkwardly angled mirror photos!

Anyway, I didn't take many morning photos in January actually so I've only got a couple to share with you.  I'm going to attempt to take a photo a day this month though so I can do a big collage of outfit pics for my "What I Wore in February" post.  Let's see how long that idea lasts though shall we....

Pyjama outfit of the day
lolz - this was pretty much what I wore until I went back to work on the 7th Jan

Primark wine dress outfit with gold and black accessories
lunch date with my friend Michael

Navy dress with nude cardigan outfit
off to cinema with B to see Pitch Perfect

Primark grey dress outfit
work outfit

Primark studded jumper outfit
another work outfit - wearing my new Primark buys

Primark studded jumper outfit with mint h&m dress
forgot to take a photo of me actually WEARING this outfit, apart from the "sitting at a table" shot below

Primark studded jumper outfit with mint h&m dress
helloooo, I'm slightly blurry (B is not the best iphone user)
Black and gold outfit
forgot to put this spike shoulder cardie in my Primark haul!

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