Quirky Valentines Cards

Tuesday, 5 February 2013
I'm not a big Valentines Day person - B and I don't particularly celebrate it or exchange gifts - but I do love a good greeting card so we still buy each other cards every year (at my insistence, ha!).  If you're not as stupidly organised as me and therefore didn't buy a Valentines Day card in December (seriously I actually did) then chances are you'll be on the look out for one this week so I thought I'd help you all out.

Tacky/crap cards are a major pet hate of mine, so I've picked out a selection of cute and quirky cards that I've found online.  I'm so tempted to buy some of these and just keep them myself - I bloody love cute cards (I have a slight stationery obsession in general really....).

Check out these beauties!  If you click the images they will take you to the website selling the card.
 Paperchase you're my favourite valentines card
 I like you a lot valentines card

Hedgehog fatal attraction valentines card

Pug valentines card

Cat valentines card

Plenty of fish cut out valentines card

Love bound valentines card

Brown paper valentines card

And just for a laugh, here's some of the WORST cards I've found on my online travels.

Bad valentines card

Bad valentines card
also charming....

Bad valentines card
a classic....albeit likely a PR stunt!

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