Popcorn & Marshmallow Cupcakes

Thursday, 7 February 2013
Popcorn and marshmallow cupcakes

Just a quick post from me today as I wanted to share this amazing little recipe with you.  Seriously, how yummy do these look?!  And they are only 2 ProPoints (or 80 calories) per serving* - so "healthy" and yummy - win win!

Head over to Slice of Slim to get the recipe - it's actually a recipe for cake pops but I didn't have any straws so just went for the cupcake option instead!

If you haven't visited Janey's blog before then I encourage you to do so right now.  She has tons of healthy, ProPoints friendly recipes that look absolutely amazing (2 I've followed this week are chocolate crumpets and sausage wraps).


*If you follow her recipe to the letter they are 2ppts, but I couldn't find sugar free marshmallows and used slightly higher quantities so mine was 4ppts in the end which is still pretty good!

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  1. These. Look. Amazing. I followed weight watchers last year and never found any delights like this! Booo. Reckon I'm jumping on the slimming world bandwagon soon tho, then I'll have tried every diet going!xx

  2. Thanks for introducing me to slice of slim! These look delicious

    Lucy xo