Oscars 2013: Best Dressed

Monday, 25 February 2013
So last night it was the biggest and arguably the most exciting awards ceremony of the year....The Oscars.  I'm not one of those people who stayed up all night to watch it (I need my sleep!) but I have spent my lunch break glued to various clips and news stories to catch up on the goss (poor Jennifer Lawrence, falling over on the way to accept an award is surely your worst nightmare at The Oscars!).

Anyway, without further ado, here's my favourite dresses from the red carpet.  All images are taken from the Vogue website.

Kate Bosworth - fairly understates for the Oscars, but lovely

Amy Adams - yeah it's a bit Disney princess, but I love it!

Hillary Swank

Amanda Seyfried

Georgina Chapman - definitely the best dressed mum to be!

Charlize Theron - rocking a new hairdo

Reese Witherspoon - love this colour

Finally - how hot does Britney look with her new brunette hair??!


  1. OMG Britney Spears looks amazing! <3 I love Charlize Theron's new hair too!



  2. Amanda Seyfried looks amazing, that is all i have to say!

  3. Amy Adams dress is amazing, I would so wear that!


  4. Good Lord she looks much better! Brunette is good for ole Britney.