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Friday, 15 February 2013
I've been watching the Big Reunion on ITV2 the last two weeks - if you haven't seen it yet then I recommend you catch up on the ITV Player because it is awesome.  Basically they have brought back together 6 pop bands who were at their height of fame in the 90's/early noughties and reunited them for a special "Big Reunion" concert - the bands involved are 5ive, Liberty X, 911, Atomic Kitten, The Honeyz and B*witched. 

The series so far has mainly been about everyone has been up to since the bands split up and also uncovers some good gossip from back in the day (like who hated who, who slept with who, and who used to turn up to SM:TV Live at 9am on a Saturday whilst drunk). I loved bands like 5ive and Atomic Kitten when I was a teenager (I cried when Kerry Katona left the band - how sad) so this has been sooo interesting seeing what they all look like now (911 got OOOOOOLD) and also getting to reminisce. 

One of my favourite bits has been seeing all the old clips of their music videos and performances etc and getting a right laugh at the outfits everyone was wearing.  Check out some of these horrors.....and remember, these outfits were cool back then!

90s pop music fashion

It got me thinking about my own style (when I was a teenager this was definitely influenced by bands I liked) and how this has changed over the years, and I thought that might make quite a fun blog post - complete with obligatory embarrassing photos!

Teenage Years

90s teenager style
early teens (left) and late teens (right)

I didn't think there was any point in looking at my style from earlier than like 13 as I didn't have too much say in what I wore before then as my mum bought my clothes.  In my teenage years though I'd say I was probably a bit of a tomboy - you'd never catch me in a dress, and the closest I got to a skirt were those skirt-trousers (or "skousers") that were all the rage when I was 15/16.  Out of school I pretty much lived in combat trousers (a la All Saints) or jeans and t-shirts (with daft slogans on them, a la Atomic Kitten in that pic above - in fact, in the photo of me with the pink top I've got a silver belt sitting low on my jeans and I remember wearing this after I saw Kerry Katona wear a belt like that on dark jeans!) and hoodies - and mainly in dark colours like black and navy, very glam, lol. 

When I got to 17 and started going to house parties out my style got slightly girlier (although still no skirts/dresses) with my trademark "going out" outfit being bootcut jeans* and a black top (I remember wearing a basque to a house party once.....a BASQUE....!).

Uni Days

University student going out outfits
my trademark black going out clothes!

It was when I got to uni that my style started to change, influenced mainly by my new friends and housemates.  My wardrobe started filling up with skirts and dresses, and on nights out my look was generally a (too) short black flippy skirt and low cut top with knee high boots (this is when my boots obsession began!).  I was rarely in bright colours, in fact most of my wardrobe was black! 

My day to day look was still fairly casual though, and I mainly wore hoodies and jeans* to lectures (in fact, I remember I bought this pair of really baggy emo-like jeans from Cult on North Bridge and wore then constantly - they were far too long for me and dragged under my shoes so they were all ripped and faded).

Early-Mid Twenties

Colourful going out outfits

Towards the end of uni and into my first few years of working in the real world my style was sort of a continuation from my early uni days, but gradually classier (if that makes sense).  So while I was still going out in fairly short skirts and boots on nights out, I was now wearing black tights and higher neck tops with it so you know....CLASSY.  Also I started to get a lot more colour and patterns into my outfits too, and didn't rely on an LBP every time I went out.

When I started my first proper job it was in a marketing agency with a relaxed dress code so I started off in jeans/black trousers with smart tops (because, you know, that's kind of what springs to mind when you think "work wear" and you're a newbie) and then I gradually started getting a bit more stylish and introducing dresses and cardies, and denim shorts and cool t-shirts etc into my wardrobe.  The influence this time came from my new workmates, and I also got more into trends and would go shopping and buy whatever was new in store - I wasn't really developing my own style, I was basically assimilating whatever the "in" style was.

Mid-Late Twenties
Blonde girl outfits
mid twenties - pre blogging
Blogger outfit of the day photos
mid-late twenties - the blogging days!

That brings us up to where I am now.  I'd say I'm finally at a point where I know what "my style" is - I know what suits me and what doesn't, and I don't feel the need to conform to what everyone else is wearing - I guess that's called being an adult, lol.  My influence these days largely comes from other bloggers - I'd say I've definitely got a lot more into fashion since I started reading blogs and have learnt a lot about how to dress to my shape/size and how to create different outfits from things I have in my wardrobe (for example, it was from blogs that I got the idea of wearing a jumper over a dress - such a simple idea, but I'd never thought of it before!).

I work in marketing so I don't have to dress particularly smart for the office (unless I'm going out to a client meeting) so that means my office and out-of-office outfits are basically exactly the same.  As you can probably tell from my outfit posts my style is fairly girly - I'm in dresses about 75% of the time - I like florals, pastels, cardigans, shirt dresses, skater skirts, lace, sparkles, studs and embellishment.  I pretty much live in opaque tights and ankle boots (I get a telling off from B every time I buy a new pair - "you don't need any more boots!"), although I'm also partial to a nice pair of flats, but NEVER heels.  On the days I'm not in a dress I tend to wear black jeans with short sleeved shirts/collared tops - and when I'm at home I basically live in pjyamas or joggers and a hoodie (regressing to my early teenage days!). 

As I'm currently on what you might call a "weight loss journey" (hate that phrase though) I imagine my style might change a bit once I lose more weight and can start shopping in places like Topshop and wear things that are currently out of my reach  (e.g. I can't wait until I can wear skinny jeans and actually look good in them - I already have my eye on this pair from Trilogy Stores*!).  Also, I'll be turning 30 in just a couple of years so it will be interesting to see how my style changes as I get that little bit older....will I still want to rock a pair of glittery boots or a panda hat when I'm 35...who knows?!

How has your style changed over the years?


  1. I loved this post up to around 13 I would only wear boys clothes football shirts etc. then I got proper girls dresses the lot, I'm now back to casual clothing, That's the problem with only having boys as friends I've got no style lol xx

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  2. Loved this post!! Can't believe some of the styles from back in the day...wonder if we'll look back at what we're wearing now and cringe too! I found it really interesting when you were talking about where your influences come from. I'm slowly starting to find my own style too- and blogging has definitely helped!xx

  3. Love this post :)
    So cringy to think back at the mix & matching of denim and the velour track suits I used to wear constantly for a year!! And the 2 month emo stage I went though haha

  4. I thank the lord every day that I was a teenager in an era before camera-phones and Facebook! In fact, I'm not sure if any photos of me aged 19 and under exist anywhere... :)

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