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Saturday, 16 February 2013
I saw fellow Scottish blogger Paula do a post about her favourite scents a few weeks ago and I thought it was a nice idea so decided to write my own.  I've accumulated quite a big collection of perfumes over the years, and they all live in an old Glossybox in my beauty drawer.  Despite having so many though I tend to have 2 or 3 that I use on rotation, then I'll get bored of one and switch in another to my favourites.

Box of perfumes

I've picked out a few to highlight below, some are ones that I'm using on a weekly basis and some are old favourites that I haven't used in a while (writing this though has made me remember some of these old faves that I still really love the smell of so I'll be digging those out more often!).

Favourite perfumes and a candle

Valentina from Valentino

I originally got a small sample of this in a Glossybox when I used to subscribe (think it was in the Harrods box) and absolutely loved it so ended up buying a full bottle a few months later.  I'm really rubbish at describing fragrances so I'm going to use the official description to try and explain it - it's a "floral oriental" with top notes of Calabrian Bergamot and Alba Truffle, heart notes of Amalfi Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Jasmine and Wild Strawberry, and base notes of Amber and Cedar (yep, that sounds about right to me.....!).

Compared to a lot of the other fragrances in my box I feel like this has a more mature scent - like I feel like a grown up wearing it, as stupid as that sounds!  I feel like it smells "expensive" too and is definitely one that I roll out for special occasions.

Princess Night from Vera Wang

Paula actually picked this one in her list too - it's such a beautiful glittery bottle and has a cute little crown on the lid too.  I used to have the original Princess perfume and then when this one came out it went straight to the top of my wishlist (to be honest, the glitteryness of the bottle was a big selling point!) and I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday from B last year.

It has a pretty floral, girly scent and is very wearable for day to day, even though it's marketed as a night time fragrance (I never pay attention to whether or not it's a "day" or "night" fragrance anyway - I just go with what I want to wear at the time).  The official scent description is that it has top notes of Wild Berries, Watermelon and Sweet Raspberry, heart notes of Jasmine Petals, Spicy Orange Blossom and Passion Rose, and base notes of Crushed Sugar, Sensual Musk and Vanilla.  So yeah, fruity and floral with a touch of musk/vanilla.

Forbidden Euphoria from Calvin Klein

Similar to the one above, I previously had the original Euphoria perfume and loved it so when the "forbidden" version came out a few years ago I stuck it on my Christmas list.  This is another fruity/oriental fragrance that is sweet but still quite mature (i.e. it's fruity but not sickly sweet like celeb perfumes tend to be).  It has top notes of Mandarin, Peach Blossom, Passion Fruit and Raspberry, heart notes of Pink Peopny, Tiger Orchid and Jasmine, and base notes of Cashmere Woods, Patchouli and Musk.

Fame from Lady Gaga

Fame is the most recent addition to my perfume collection as I got it at Christmas from B.  I'd read quite a lot of blog reviews of this towards the end of last year (at one point it looked like about 70% of the bloggers I read had been sent a sample!) and I was intrigued by the fact the perfume itself was a black liquid which goes transparent on application (always sucked in by novelty...).  The scent is described quite oddly as it doesn't have traditional top/middle/base notes, instead there are "dark, sensual and light" accords....I'm not even going to bother trying to describe that here!  Bascially it has a fruity/floral scent.   It's not as nice as I was expecting it to be but I do like it for day to day wear as it's not too overpowering.

Other notable favourites include....

  • Ralph from Ralph Lauren  - I wore this a lot in high school so it always brings back memories!
  • Ghost Deep Night - I've got a mini bottle of this so I use it sparingly but it's a lovely night  fragrance
  • Midnight Fantasy from Britney Spears - pretty sickly sweet and teenage-girl-ish but I like it!

Do you have a favourite perfume?  I was thinking of asking for a new one for my birthday in a few weeks but I'm not sure which....might need to go on a sniffing mission in Debenhams! :)

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