Grammys & BAFTAs 2013: Best Dressed

Monday, 11 February 2013
Yay it's time for another round up of my favourite red carpet outfits!  Two big award ceremonies took place last night - The Grammys and The BAFTAs.  One is a big deal in the USA but no one really cares about it in the UK, and one is a big deal in the UK....and you get the jist.

The Grammys is something I rarely pay any attention to, but I've enjoyed doing these award ceremony outfit posts recently so I was a bit more interested in what was going on this year.

In the UK of course we had the BAFTAs - it's never a particularly exciting show (the most contraversial thing that happened was the news that poor Eddie Redmayne was vomiting backstage from food poisioning) but it's always one of my favourite awards ceremonies of the year - not sure why, I think it's because it has a really grand/prestigious and proper "British" feel to it (I actually prefer the BAFTAs to the Oscars!).

All the photos are taken from and you can see their full Grammys and BAFTAs galleries by clicking the blue links.


Anne Hathaway BAFTAs 2013 outfit
Anne Hathaway

Juno Temple BAFTAs 2013 outfit
Juno Temple

Gemma Arterton BAFTAs 2013 outfit
Gemma Arterton

Caroline Flack BAFTAs 2013 outfit
Caroline Flack

Jennifer Lawrence BAFTAs 2013 outfit
Jennifer Lawrence


Kaley Cuoco Grammys 2013 outfit
Kaley Cuoco

Beyonce Grammys 2013 outfit

Rihanna Grammys 2013 outfit

Kelly Rowland Grammys 2013 outfit
Kelly Rowland - I wasn't sure about this one at first but have decided I like it!

I seem to have picked a lot of full-length frocks this time round - that seemed to be the theme of the BAFTAs anyway as about 80% of the women seemed to be in floor length gowns.  At the Grammys things were a bit more diverse with my favourites ranging from the fairly casual (Kaley Cuoco) to all out ball gowns (Rihanna).

Finally - how amazing is Helen Mirren's new hair?!

Helen Mirren pink hair Baftas 2013
Who were your favourites?  I feel a bit mean picking "worst dressed" so I haven't this time - but I will say that (perhaps contravarsially) I didn't really like Adele's outfit at the Grammys, and Katy Perry's frock was a bit "booby" for my liking!


  1. I absolutely love Anne Hathaway - she can do no wrong in my books! Also, Helen Mirren's new hair is wonderful. Love her! x

    1. She's amazing isn't she.....67 years old and she looks cooler than me!

  2. Rihanna definitely stole the show, I'm not normally a fan of her at all, but that dress is just incredible

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