FCUK Primark Dupe

Wednesday, 20 February 2013
I haven't written a dupes post in a while but when I was flipping through More magazine the other day I stumbled across this French Connection cardigan and was like "that looks exactly like my new Primark cardi!" so thought I'd share it as the price difference is huuuuuge.

They obviously aren't identical, but the general idea is the same - a cream cardigan with a crochet/lace front.  I'm not one to buy expensive items of clothing anyway, but there's no chance I'd ever spend £77 on a flipping cardigan so I definitely bagged a bargain with the Primark version (especially when I'll probably wear it in spring and maybe summer then it will end up relegated to the back of my wardrobe).

French Connection Primark Dupe Cream Lace Cardigan

Primark Denim Dress Outfit
Me wearing the Primark version

Have you spotted any good dupes lately?


  1. Ohh it's lovely, what a bargain! xx

  2. What a bargain! I kind of almost prefer the Primark dupe!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  3. I love them both but I prefer the FCUK for it's fit :)

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  4. Ooh that's gorge! And I doubt it will end up forgotten at the back of your wardrobe, it looks like a perfect all year round piece! Love it, must get to Primark before these sell out! X


  5. Yay! Primark team for the win. Looks refreshing!