Extracts #2: Valentines Day

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Helloooo, time for another delve into my old diaries!

As Valentine's Day is coming up this week I thought it would be fitting to look out entries on Feb 14th from over the years and write them up.  I've never really been that bothered about Valentine's Day - even now that I'm in a relationship I still don't really do anything for it - B and I give each other a card and maybe go out for dinner, but we don't do presents or get particularly excited about it.   It's quite funny looking back though - poor me with my no cards, haha!

Exact extracts are in italics, my comments are in blue and names have been changed.


Friends 1999 desk diary

Sunday Feb 14th 1999 (age 13)

Was ill.  (wow what an informative diary entry!)

It's all about me blue Claire's Accessories diary

Wednesday Feb 14th 2001 (age 15)

Made yukky hawaiian chicken thing.  Told Donna that I was jealous of Debby.  She doesn't think she will do anything either. (do what?? I am intrigued)

Love Hearts lockable diary

Thursday Feb 14th 2002 (age 16)

(the format of this diary had a few sections to fill in, hence the headings below)

Weather: Cold

Good Things: Spoke to Mark (boy I fancied), watched Friends, Jemma got a rose from Joe.

Bad Things: Got no v-day cards, got a C in modern studies, maths was boring

I Wore: uniform then pink jeans and marines top

It looks like as well as writing in this diary I also wrote fuller entries in another notebook at the same time.  I don't have anything from Feb 14th but I wrote something on Feb 13th so I've included that instead as it gives a little bit of context to the shorter entry above!

Wednesday 13th February 2002 (age 16)

Not surprisingly not much has happened.  Still fancy Mark, not so much James though - I gave up on him!  Mark and me have been flirting loads, I love him! (hmmmm, playing fast and loose with the word "love" there)  I just wish I know if he was going out with that Kat or not, it would make my life so much easier!

Joe fancies Jemma, he is going to send her a valentines card, it is so funny slagging her about it!

Debby is going out with Michael, Sophie and her won't stop bloody going on about it!  I wish they'd just piss off cos none of us can stand them any more! (ouch - harsh!)

Gotta go and revise, exams on Monday, aaahhh!

Denim daisy notebook diary

Friday 14th Feb 2003 (age 17)

Well me and Jim are going well it seems!  We went to the cinema tonight to see Final Destination 2 (romantic film choice), spent half the time hiding in his arms :)

(this next paragraph is all so cringy to read back, but quite cute and innocent really!)

We were holding hands all the way through the film and I went to touch his arm at one point and he held my other hand too, aww! He's such a cutie, so sweet!  When the film had finished we were sitting cuddled up, cheek to cheek - but still not kissing!  At the bus stop he had his arms around me and I had my head on his chest, cute!  Then when my bus came we kissed goodbye, no tongues tho, hehe!

I texted him when I was drunk on Saturday and asked him why we hadn't snogged yet (god how embarrassing) so we agreed that we would next time we see each other.  I'm going to his house on Friday, so should be good :) (spoiler alert: nothing happened on Friday)

I so can't wait to see him, he's such a honey and I bet he's an ace kisser! (spoiler alert: he wasn't)

Ah well, I'll update you (my diary is not a person) with what we get up to on Friday, hopefully I'll have lots to say!

Lynne x


  1. OMG this is hilarious!!! I kept a diary for like a year and it's horrendous to read back ahhh! Cringe! xx

  2. I love reading these posts! Please keep them coming. They really make me laugh, I wish I'd kept all my old diaries I can imagine how embarrassing they'd be .
    Kloe xx

  3. Haha, this is amazing!! So funny, and just the right amount of cringe! I'd hate to look through my old diaries, don't think my sense of embarrassment could handle it :/ this diary thing is such a great idea, keep 'em coming!xx

  4. I love your diary posts, I never stick it out with diaries... Thinking it'd be interesting to do so just for the sake of looking back and having a laugh! :P
    Can't wait for the next one ;) x

  5. This is so good, I had a good chuckle! Makes me wish I'd kept a diary when I was younger as it would be so funny to look back on! xx

  6. This is brilliant, made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing. X

  7. This was amazing, I laughed at the last one specially, it's so funny to think of how we were when we were younger :)

  8. hahah that was awesome and such a good idea for a post!

    I had the love hearts diary!! :)