Brits 2013: Best Dressed

Thursday, 21 February 2013
I didn't actually bother watching any of the Brits last night - I just followed the goss on Twitter whilst watching stuff from our Sky Planner - how postmodern!

Anyway, one thing I did pay attention to however were all the red carpet round ups so I could take a look at the outfits.  I majorly struggled to find some "best dressed" ones by the way - there were some truelly awful outfits on show last night!

Here's my (quite short) pick of the frocks - for a full round up of all the photos from the Brits check out the gallery on Vogue.

Jessie J Brit Awards 2013 outfit
Jessie J - probably a bit of a contraversial one, but I thought she looked hot!

Aluna Francis Brit Awards 2013 outfit
Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge - love her dress

Little Mix Brit Awards 2013 outfits
Little Mix - I love that they are all in completely different outfits, no matchy matchy for them!

Paloma Faith Brit Awards 2013 outfit
Paloma Faith - quite plain by her standards really!

Taylor Swift Brit Awards 2013 outfit
Taylor Swift - definitely the best dressed this year


  1. I love Jade's dress. It's amazing!

    Maria xx

  2. I love little mix their individual styles always shine through!

    Lauren x

  3. In love with Taylor Swifts dress, keep seeing it everywhere online. Absolutely agree with you, best dressed this year.

    Kayleigh. x

  4. I really like that little mix let their individuality show- they're not trying to "fit in" to the girlband mould and I quite like that! xx

  5. I am SO in love with Paloma Faith's dress! <3


  6. Despite the plainliness, i think Paloma looks fab!!!