Birthday Outfit Wishlist

Monday, 18 February 2013
I haven't really done much clothes shopping this year so far, apart from one trip to Primark at the end of January.  Not quite sure how I've managed to be so well behaved with my spending!!  

Anyway, as I'm sure I've mentioned a few times already - it's my birthday next month and I'll be celebrating it in Glasgow at the Girls Aloud concert (sooo excited!).  This gives me the perfect excuse to buy a new outfit so I've been doing a lot of window shopping the last few days but still haven't settled on anything yet.  

I've picked out a few things I've like so far below - think I might order a few and see how they look on.

ASOS daisy print dress

ASOS tie dye print dress
Coral embellished dress
CG Wholesale Fashion*

ASOS Curve ballet wrap dress red
ASOS Curve

Black and white lace dress
CG Wholesale Fashion*

River Island Tapestry print dress
River Island

Dorothy Perkins blue lace dress
Dorothy Perkins
AX Paris black prom dress
AX Paris


  1. Oh my gosh I love love love the pansy print dress it's gorgeous! The tapestry print River Island one is also a beaut! :) xx

  2. Love the first dress! It's definitely my style :) xx

  3. i love the second asos one! so cute :)
    X X X

  4. Hi there, just discovered your blog today :) I love the 1st and 3rd dresses!

    x x x

  5. Lovvvve the River Island tapestry dress! I was kinda lusting after it too, but I saw it in store and thought it looked kinda short (for my massive arse). Great picks! Jealous you're going to see Girls Aloud, wave a hello to Kimberley for me! (girl crush!) xxx