Bedroom Tour

Sunday, 24 February 2013
I love reading room tour posts - it appeals to my extremely nosey side!  I always end up with major house envy though - bloggers bedrooms are always full of lovely candles and fairy lights and pretty white furniture and cushions and adorable little vintage boxes and quirky makeup storage- it's a bit like watching an Ikea advert!  

I'd never considered doing a room tour post of my own as I thought it would be a bit dull, but as I was changing our bed yesterday I took a few snaps and thought I'd share them as I reckon that actually most bloggers probably don't have cool/quirky homes and this might serve as a little reassurance that we don't all have picture perfect bedrooms :)

So here's a little look around my room - it's not that exciting, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I've somehow been getting away with buying girlier and girlier bedding.....for ages we had a teal themed bedroom, then just after Christmas I bought us a nice pastel set from the Debenhams sale and it got a good response from B so when I was shopping at Primark last week I thought I'd push my luck and buy this white rose & butterfly print set with pink (pink!) sheets.  I think I've reached the limit though, I did get a bit of a look when I showed him the pink sheets....shame though, I really liked the look of a pink heart print set in Primark...!

The pictures above the bed are from a photoshoot we did a few years ago after getting vouchers from B's sister as a gift.  It was a fun day, albeit a bit awkward and embarrassing at first!  I've got a Saturdays calendar on my side and B has a calendar I made him for Christmas featuring his favourite sexy ladies (best. girlfriend. ever).

I realise it's a bit of a cliche to have lit candles in a room tour post but they were already lit before I decided to take photos, honest, lol.  I bought these 2 candle tins in Primark earlier this week - I'd never bought candles from there before but at £2  couldn't resist.  The white one is coconut and mango (I think) and the pink one is raspberry and something (I've peeled the labels off, sorry!).  The scent isn't as prominent as you get with say a Yankee candle, but they do smell pretty nice and for the price I definitely can't complain.

This is B's side of the bed.....yeah, the Gosling poster is his....

These chest of drawers sit at the end of our bed (with a wee walkway space inbetween).  The drawers on the right are mine, I've got beauty products in the top drawer and then underwear, pyjamas and t-shirts/gym clothes in the other drawers.

On the top of the drawers I've got my makeup storage which I bought just after Christmas from Homebase.  I love being able to see all the makeup at once, gone are the days of having to rake through a box trying to find a particular lipstick.  The only annoying thing about them is the drawers get stuck all the time so I keep having to pull them all the way out and reposition them.  

The white basket on the left has a collection of DVDs that we tend to reach for if we fancy watching something before going to sleep.  We switch what's in here quite a bit, but at the moment there's a few Thick of It series, I'm Alan Partridge, People Like Us, and The Armando Iannucci Show.

This is just a wee picture so you can get a sense of the size of the room - it's pretty small but has room for everything we need and the fitted wardrobe is a good size.  The area near the door is where I get ready in the morning as it's where the full length mirror is (it's where I take my outfit of the day shots, that's why they are always at an awkward angle as I can't stand too far back!).

Here's my side of the wardrobe - it looks a bit messy in the picture but it's actually well organised!  I've got those space saving hanger things where you can fit 5 coat hangers on a hook that folds down (I should have taken a picture of that, the description isn't the best!).  At the front is my hanging jewellery organiser (close up below) that I got from Primark for like £2 or something ridiculously cheap like that.  The plastic drawer tower on the right has extra toilettries that don't fit in my main chest of drawers - things like shower gel, shampoo, fake tan etc.  I also keep my straighteners and Enrapture Totem Styler in here too.

Finally, down the bottom I keep my hairdryer, the blue box has belts and the canvas box has handbags.  My black tote bag is too big for the box though so that sits on it's own in the space next to my drawers.  The ASOS packaging has stuff I need to return in it.

So there we have it, a wee tour of my boudoir - hope you enjoyed it, be sure to leave me a link below if you've also added a room tour so I can have a nosey!


  1. I love your bedding!
    Your bedroom is SO much tidier than mine!! xx

  2. I love the bedding too! I'll be sure to check out the Homeware section the next time I am in Primark for bedding and candles - I've never thought to look there before. x

  3. Gorgeous bedding! I need a make up storage like yours, I'm forever rifling through make up bags or my box.


  4. Your bedroom is so tidy and organised and I love love love your bedding! <3


  5. I love room tours!! I'm so nosey. I quite fancy doing a wee room tour myself but reckon I need to come round and tidy/ organise because this room is more organised than I could ever hope to be!! Love the bedding xx

  6. Thank you for posting this - I'm also really nosey so I love looking at other people's rooms! I agree about my room not looking like a typical blogger's - it's more quirky so it's nice to see that not all bloggers have that style of room!

    Louisa's Notebook

  7. I love to see room tours and yours is really lovely (=

    Maria xx

  8. Your room is lovely, and I like the bedding! xx

    The Little's.

  9. I think your room looks perfect! One side of my room is all feminine with pretty make up storage and fancy white furniture, the other is my boyfriends side with a playstation, racks of high top trainers and star wars DVDs! I think we need two separate rooms! lol

    Jen xx

  10. Your room remind me of Akaydoll from youtube room it is the same! :)

  11. I've looked at primark for bedding like that and I only found the primark butterfly bed set but it's in grey and white. Are there other colors? or is that all? Im looking for the colors like yours or the ones off of meganmaisies blog. It's all the same bedding and all from primark but all different colors? Im so confused? Help! : ) xx

    1. I bought this last year I'm afraid so they probably don't do it any more :( It might be that they've released a version of this in a different colour for 2014, haven't been in the home dept for ages though to see what they have in so not sure. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help! x

  12. Your good, thank you so much! : ) xx