Beat It

Saturday, 9 February 2013
I've been so tempted by these for MONTHS and finally decided to just bite the bullet and treat myself - so say hello to my new friends!

Beats headphones unboxing
Girl wearing Beats headphones
a wee cheeky one just for lols

I went for the Beats Solo headphones in white and they were £169.99 from (they were pretty much the same price everywhere, but I went with Very as I have an account there so it was easy.

I also used to get some cashback on the purchase (like 1%, but still - better than nothing).  If you're not already using a site like this for your online shopping then I strongly recommend you do. Every time I buy ANYTHING online these days I firstly sign into Topcashback, search if the website I'm about to buy on is listed there and then click the link through so my sale is tracked.  You then get a small % of the cost of your sale back, and even though it's generally only a couple of pounds each time it all adds up - and you were going to make the sale anyway so you might as well get a little extra for it, with minimum effort.  I did this for all of my Christmas shopping and earned over £10 in cashback - I can now transfer that out to my bank account and use it however I want (straight in my savings....ahem). 

Soooo happy that I can now throw away my old shit in ear headphones that don't even fit properly (I had the ones that hook around your ear because normal in-ears are too big - but even they were useless!).The sound quality is brilliant, and it completely blocks out any noise around you too so it's like being in your own little music bubble.  There is a bit of leakage if you have then up really loud but if you just have them at a decent volume then there's pretty much none, so I can listen to whatever sad music I want to at work without being judged, haha!


  1. Upgrading my headphones was one of the best things I did last year... so much more comfy than in-ear buds, plus they keep my ears really toasty in the cold!

  2. The sound on these is amazing!

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