Avon Planet Spa Hot Oil Treatment

Saturday, 23 February 2013
As I'm sure I've mentioned before, my mum is an Avon lady, so at birthdays and Christmases I often get lots of lovely Avon bits and pieces to try.  One of the gift sets I got for Christmas contained this oil treatment - hair oils are something I've only really got into in the last 6 months or so and now I LOVE them so I was excited to try this out.

Avon planet spa hot oil treatment with lavendar and jasmine

The Planet Spa Lavendar & Jasmine Hot Oil Hair Treatment is, as the name would suggest, a hot oil pre-shampoo treatment.  You just heat the bottle under hot water for about a minute then apply to wet hair, leave for a minute then rinse and shampoo/condition as normal.  As it contains lavendar is smells absolutely lovely and has been a welcome addition to my Sunday afternoon pamper routine.  

The one thing I would say about Avon products that annoys me though is the lack of detail on the bottles - the instructions for use are often under the label (i.e. you peel back to top layer to read) but even then they are generally very basic and rarely explain the purpose or benefit of using the product.  Sometimes I get a product (e.g. the Reviving Facial Gold Glow Gel which I've been using recently) and I'm like "hmmm yes this looks very nice and everything but what is it FOR??".

Anyway, back to the review....

The only hot oil treatment I've tried before is the VO5 Hot Oil sachets - but having used this Avon treatment a couple of times in the last month I definitely feel like the results have been better.  I'm not sure though if it's maybe because I've been using a lot of oil each time - with the VO5 sachets I always felt like I only got a light layer through my hair (which is pretty long these days) but with the Avon bottle I've been able to be quite liberal with the application and have been giving my hair (particularly the ends) a proper coating in the oil - so that's probably helped.  

I do definitely notice a difference on the days I use the treatment though - I don't tend to use any product on my hair before drying on the days I've used it (so that way I know that any softness etc must have come from using the oil) and it always feel silky smooth.  

I wouldn't say I'd rush out to buy it or anything, but it was a nice treatment and in the comparison with VO5 it clearly came out on top (so if anything, I won't be buying the VO5 one again!).


  1. might give this try am an avon lady to:p x

  2. I will try & get you another one..........while its still available. I agree with you re instructions - they tend to be in the brochure - not very helpful when ur using it!! I'll try & get some info 4 u :) x

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